[Drama] “Suspicious Partner” holds its first script reading

Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun of SBS’s new drama “Suspicious Partner” have finally met.  These two people, who will show off the essence of romantic comedy, gathered together with the other actors and production company for the first script reading of “Suspicious Partner.”

The romantic comedy “Suspicious Partner” is the story of a prosecutor-turned-lawyer and a judicial trainee outsider who fight and reconcile for each other as they fight a world filled with prejudices.  Park Sung Ho, co-producer of “The Legend of the Blue Sea” and “Daebak, Moment of Fate,” and ‘ro-co’ [*rom-com] specialist Kwon Ki Young, writer who received lots of love with “Protect the Boss,” are collecting expectations.

On 4 April, the first script reading of “Suspicious Partner” was conducted at the SBS Tanhyeon-dong Production Center with the four main actors (Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun, Choi Tae Joon, and Kwon Nara) and supporting actors (Lee Deok Hwa, Nam Ki Ae, Yoon Bok In, Kim Hong Pa, Choi Hong Il, Kim Ye Won, and 2PM’s Hwang Chang Sung). In addition to Director Park and Writer Kwon, the crew members gathered together to improve their teamwork.

Actors and staff members who arrived at the script reading site exchanged greetings, and Lee Deok Hwa, who appeared with a particularly bright expression, raised the atmosphere with his characteristic tone of familiarity.

Director Park Sung Ho, who directed all actors and staffs in one place, said, “I will cherish this relationship that we have going forth and do my best to do the filming enjoyably on set. I will also try my best to capture a lot of pretty frames until early summer so that there is no shame in my work.”  Writer Kwon Ki Young also said, “I am honoured to work with everyone and will do my best.”

After that, Park Sun Ho introduced the actors and staffs one by one, had the time to learn each other’s faces, and started reading the script. At the same time, the actors were completely absorbed in their respective roles.  Above all, Ji Chang Wook, who will play sexy but ill-tempered prosecutor Noh Ji Wook, also showed his charm in expressing various emotions, while giving off the feeling of “Noh Ji Wook Syndrome.”  Nam Ji Hyun had everyone’s attention focused with a new mature look added to the youthfulness of Eun Bong Hee, a judicial trainee student.

In fact, Choi Tae Joon, who is a close friend to Ji Chang Wook, also acts as his friend in the drama as lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk, showing off his natural acting with unanimous opinion of the production team.  Hello Venus’s Nara also surprised everyone with her stable performance.  Meanwhile, the first script reading was successfully completed with Lee Duk Hwa, Nam Ki Ae, Yoon Bok In, Kim Hong Pa, Kim Ye Won and Hwang Chang Sung giving a ‘thumbs up.’

The show’s audience has sensed expectations and interest is growing on exciting actors with immersive acting after reading the script.  A spokesperson for “Suspicious Partner” said, “I think it is a good start that we are showing such good teamwork from the first script reading.”  “We will do our best to present a good piece of work to the viewers with the best synergy of the actors and the production team. Please show lots of interest in our drama,” he said.

Meanwhile, “Suspicious Partner” will be broadcast at 10:00pm on Wednesday, 10 May, following “Saimdang, Light’s Diary.”  Many more photos containing the warm atmosphere of the script reading were posted on SBS’s homepage.

Credit:  Sports Chosun; eNews; Motto Korea; SBS “Suspicious Partner” homepage

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  1. is he short sighted? was he wearing glasses just for fashion or because of short sightedness 😮

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am so excited as well! I love his character, No Ji Wook, who is a sexy, cool, and elite prosecutor/lawyer. JCW will be awesome as usual! Can’t wait ~ 😉

  3. The cast look so happy and enjoyed the script reading. I have a feeling that this is a very lovely romantic comedy to watch. Good luck to JCW!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this JCWKitchen. Wow, finally our Wookie we will see again in our small screen. So excited about this drama. I like the casting, they are all great!

  5. Thanks for sharing☺😍😍..finally they getting started to filming..cant wait to watch him on screen😍😍❤❤..Good luck to production team and cast and crew!! Fighting!! Will pray that this drama will be huge hit😍😍❤❤

  6. Wow! We’ll be seing him again in a small screen soon then! I just enjoyed his fanmeeting here in hongkong last night…he opened the show singing from the entrance to our delight!!! 😃😄😍😙😘😚

  7. i am already SO ready for this drama. this article is making me more excited!!! it will be here soon and i really want to see jcw in a romance again!

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