[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook is a cover model for KWave M (updated with video)

Ji Chang Wook will be fronting the cover of KWave M’s latest issue.

Going with the concept of “sculpture”, Ji Chang Wook goes with the charismatic sculpted look sporting various fashion styles such as a black turtleneck and slacks, pyjama-style shirt, a flower patterned jacket, and overcoat.

In the interview following the photoshoot, he speaks about the ideal kind of day he would like to spend, “I always wear a loose fitting T-shirt and knee-length training shorts at home. Although I usually dress fashionably thanks to my job, I have a relaxed appearance at home just like any ordinary guy.”

Cooking videos are the rage these days so he was asked if he cooks at home. He said with a smile, “The only dish I know how to cook is ramyun. I also wish to be a cool guy who can cook, but I’m still enjoying the homecooked food that my mum prepares for me.”

He who harbours romantic dreams of a man in his thirties said, “I don’t wish to fret over my approaching forties and the years to come, I just wish to lead my life not much differently from how I am right now.”

Ji Chang Wook’s photo spread and more detailed interview can be found in Issue 48 of KWave M, which will go on sale 25 April at the usual Korean online sales portals.

Credit: Osen

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  1. He certainly puts that silhouette to shame that’s behind him in the last pic. No way is that his shadow.

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