[Drama] Candidate Ji Chang Wook wants your support for “Suspicious Partner” in first teasers


Continuing the zany election-style promotion campaign, new stills and teasers of Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun for upcoming drama “Suspicious Partner” were revealed today.


Looking prim and proper in a black suit, red tie, and hair with lots of hair gel slapped on, Ji Chang Wook posed for mock election posters appealing to viewers’ support for the romantic comedy.

Ji Chang Wook looks on as Nam Ji Hyun does her photo shoot.

In the following video teasers, or what SBS terms as “moving posters”, we see Actor Candidate Number 1 Ji Chang Wook from the Suspicious Party and Actor Candidate Number 2 Nam Ji Hyun from the Partner Party striking hilarious poses.

It also appears that “Suspicious Partner”, which is the literal translation from the Korean title, now has an official English title — “Love in Trouble”. For consistency, we will continue to stick to its literal name in future posts about this drama.

Credit: SBS PD Note Naver blog

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4 thoughts on “[Drama] Candidate Ji Chang Wook wants your support for “Suspicious Partner” in first teasers

  1. Chang Wook’s dedication to the craft is so admirable. Keep up. Thanks for the update!

  2. Wookie looks so handsome here!!! He is serious and hilarious at the same time. I think this will be a very interesting drama to watch.

  3. LOL! ~ The promotional teasers are clever and refreshing! Can’t wait to watch how JCW will play on this! Best wishes to JCW and his crew ~ ❤

  4. Thank you for continuing to use the legal title. It sounds more fun.There are too many Korean-to-English rom-com titles with the overuse of the word “Love” in them cluttering up the works. (Sorry, I’m just very angry right now that Netflix is involving themselves with exclusive rights to first run Kdramas, holding up the show for its U.S. subscribers and one old peeve I’ve always had with them is how they come up with these unrelated title names making a show impossible to find through the search feature on their site.) Whew! Back to Suspicious Partner:

    JCW looks so wistful in the picture where he’s on set watching. I know nothing about the actress but his look is making me ship him in real life with whomever she is already.

    And his facial expressions are hilarious in the promo.

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