[Drama] Ji Chang Wook in wacky dance teasers for “Suspicious Partner”


Remember the news about Ji Chang Wook and the cast of “Suspicious Partner” dancing in front of the National Assembly? SBS has finally unveiled the wacky dance teaser and stills today!


Perfectly imitating the tone of a politician, Ji Chang Wook hollers through the microphone at the start of the teaser:

On 10th May 2017, the day when the history of the Republic of Korea changes, a brand new drama “Suspicious Partner” begins!

Everyone, let’s write a new page in history.

The crowd chants in unison, “Ji Chang Wook! Ji Chang Wook!”

Actress Nam Ji Hyun, actor Choi Tae Joon and idol singer Nara then break out into dance. Not willing to be out done, Ji Chang Wook hops off the campaign vehicle to show off his trademark Ji-Geu-Dok dance.




Watch the hilarious teasers here!

While we have yet to see anything about the actual drama itself, this drama gets our vote for creativity!

Credit: SBS Drama PD Note Naver blog

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14 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook in wacky dance teasers for “Suspicious Partner”

  1. JCW is way too cute and funny in this promotional teaser for his upcoming romantic comedy “Suspicious Partner.” The teaser is done in a clever and refreshing way, which is mimicking
    Korea’s upcoming presidential election campaign style. Anyway, can’t wait to watch him in this new role. He is the best ~ ❤

  2. This is the first time ..I watch the korean drama teaser….Wow…great ha..,!I believe that SP will blowing the audience …Great Jobs…

  3. hahaha!i’m getting goosebumps allover. can’t imagine seeing JCW making fun of himself on a kdrama. Refreshing!

  4. Wow, the PD of this drama must like his dance too; otherwise he would have made Wookie learn and practice another dance move. It’s a romantic comedy so anything funny is totally allowed, haha…:D

  5. What is “his trademark Ji-Geu-Dok dance”? I know the Pee Wee Herman moves with his thumbs up that JCW does is what you’re referring too, but is it a S. Korea known move he got from a singer? (I Googled and it just says “Ji-Geu Dok” is a song that has something to do with Jang Nara.)

    And about his dancing – he might have lost a vote or two! Too cute.

    • The Ji-Geu-Dok (지그덕) dance is exactly that dance move that you are referring to! The one where he does a thumbs up with both his hands and moves his arms side to side. I think he came up with the dance move himself.

      • I’ve seen him do it on various variety shows and interviews. But is the dance associated with the song? What makes it the “Ji-Geu Dok” dance?

        Or is it because that’s the song JCW usually does the dance to?

        (I know, I’m always full of the most mundane and tedious questions. lol)

      • No, the word Ji Geu Dok has nothing to do with this particular song. He does this same dance for any song out there. It’s just a term that Korean fans coined for this dance move of his. The word “Ji” is derived from his surname. I belive the word “Geu Dok” comes from the Korean word for “nod” or “creak”. It’s hard to make sense in English so I just use the romanised name “Ji Geu Dok”.

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