[Instagram Update] 21 April 2017

Post 1:


미션 – 셀카 찍고 도망가기.! #성공 #수상한파트너

Mission – Take a selfie and escape.! #success #Suspicious Partner



Post 2:

#수상한파트너 #5월10일 #대선은5월9일 #노지욱

#Suspicious Partner #10May #elections on 9May #Noh Ji Wook

Post 3:


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In Singapore

2 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 21 April 2017

  1. Omigosh. That hard beanie motocycle cap is too cute!

    And he’s handsomer in “real life” (meaning the natural shots) than the posters and cut outs even!

  2. Ditto@Beez…I don’t think he has a “bad angle”. He’s picture perfect! Wonder if he is going on an outing or to filming. Stay safe.

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