[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook displays his fitness in Esquire


Ji Chang Wook will be featured in men’s magazine Esquire in collaboration with global fitness brand Reebok.

Having presented himself as an action star in his recent film “Fabricated City,” Ji Chang Wook shows off a fitness look and active masculinity in this pictorial.



Ji Chang Wook displays his muscular physique while wearing an ActivChill sleeveless top, a cool white top, and a unique patterned pants. He is now in the midst of preparing for the new SBS drama “Suspicious Partner”.

Ji Chang Wook’s Reebok pictorial can be found in the May issue of Esquire Men Korea.





Credit:  Naver News

7 thoughts on “[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook displays his fitness in Esquire

  1. i know he is not trying to kill us, but he IS doing it! can you say “on fire” “fine” and roaring handsome? i need a cold shower!

  2. Thanks for all this eye candy JCWKitchen!

    JCW’s really so fit! He’s working so hard. Will really miss seeing him in magazines when he goes away. 2 years is a loooong time! 😥

  3. Everything about him is absoooolutely perfect! I love him in leggings cuz he has great legs!
    Great model for the brand.

  4. Sqeeeeeeeee! The legs are out!
    I’ve always thought Song Seung Heon had the best body in Kdrama but SSH looks like he works non stop on that body. But JCW has a normal great body. He looks like the guy you’d like to be with in real life. Great body but has time to spend with you because he’s not at the gym 8 hours a day. 🙂

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