[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook strikes a relaxed pose for Kstyle Japan

Kstyle Japan magazine recently posted an interview and photos taken after Ji Chang Wook’s “JCW 3rd Concert – To Sing a Love Song for You,” which was held in Tokyo on 17 February 2017.

The interview that accompanied the photos was duplicative of other interviews that Ji Chang Wook has given in support of “The K2” that we have already translated, so we’ll just share the pretty pictures instead.  Enjoy!

Credit:  Kstyle Japan

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5 thoughts on “[Magazine] Ji Chang Wook strikes a relaxed pose for Kstyle Japan

  1. JCW is dashing as always…but i do hope they stop donning him with those loose and weird clothes. We know that he’s got a very beautiful face but pleaaase..stop making him wear those not so pretty clothes!

  2. Pics of JCW’s always like a breathe of fresh air. Never tire of seeing this man. These pics should be in calendar 2018! 💕

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