[Drama] Ji Chang Wook gets schooled in “Suspicious Partner” second teaser

And the “Suspicious Partner” promotions keep on coming!  In these new stills provided by SBS along with the release of Teaser 2, we see that Ji Chang Wook’s budding relationship with Nam Ji Hyun will be complicated, to say the least!

In this new teaser, borrowing heavily (ehem) from the recently-aired tvN drama “Goblin,” we hear in voiceover the Noh Ji Wook character recite lines from author Kim In Yook’s poem titled “The Physics of Love”:

*The last line of the poem originally reads “That was my first love” and obviously revised here for more comic relief.

Premiering on 10 May 2017 at 10:00pm KST.  Be there! 👍

Credit:  SBS “Suspicious Partner” PD Note Blog

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6 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook gets schooled in “Suspicious Partner” second teaser

  1. I din see that coming for him. It is hilarious 😂! I always wanted him to act in comedy as I think he has great potentials in this area. Looking forward to the drama!👍👍👍

  2. hahaha! his face when it hits the floor looks like he’s seeing lots of stars! and he is in a daze and looking so gorgeous.

  3. This second teaser was also very funny and witty as well. I am so looking forward to watching JCW in this drama! His character is very curious and sexy! JCW is the best ~ ❤

  4. Omo! So funny!
    I’m always surprised at how big he is. As he was falling In thinking “That’s a big dude!” I think his face is so cute (when his hair is back he’s uber handsome but with it forward he looks so young, like a cutie teen) – that’s why I think his size surprises me sometimes.

    But that look of awestruck love as he hits the floor – I’m going to enjoy this show!

  5. Haha…that’s so unexpected. It’s good that the drama will be fun and entertaining to watch. 🙂

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