[Drama] New posters and teaser unveiled for Suspicious Partner

With just about a week away to the premiere of Ji Chang Wook’s new drama “Suspicious Partner”, SBS has released the drama’s official poster plus new teasers and stills to keep us excited!

The production team unveiled two different posters — one with our main couple and another featuring the four main leads. The bright and cheery colours all clearly show that a romantic comedy is to be expected.

In the latest video teaser released today, our female lead Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) walks away in tears from her boyfriend (played by 2PM singer Chansung in a cameo role) who has cheated on her. She says in voiceover that she will definitely sleep with the first guy who bumps into her, and who else would that be but Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook), who intrudes into her breakup scene at the hotel.

“Will you sleep with me?” Bong Hee asks. “Okay, let’s sleep together,” says Noh Ji Wook as he grabs the hand of a flustered Bong Hee and they walk away from her boyfriend as he looks on.

At a park where Bong Hee is looking dishevelled with tissue stuck in her bloodied nose, Noh Ji Wook utters what we believe will become one of the classic lines of this drama, “Bong Hee sshi is really gross, but pretty.”

Previously, SBS also unveiled stills depicting the three chance encounters between Noh Ji Wook and Eun Bong Hee.

Their first meeting occurs at the subway (not the sandwich, not yet), where Eun Bong Hee falsely accuses Noh Ji Wook for being a pervert. Feeling wronged, he stares back at her with an incredulous expression because of her ridiculous accusation.


Their second encounter happens at the hotel lobby shown in the teaser, where Bong Hee falls to the floor in shock after seeing her boyfriend with another woman. Noh Ji Wook witnesses the incident and intervenes to save her.

After meeting at the subway and hotel, our two leads run into each other again, this time at work as a trainee prosecutor and prosecutor-in-charge. Bong Hee is met with surprise as she recalls her previous embarrassing encounters with him.

Can things get anymore awkward? We are certainly looking forward to scenes of this bickering couple in this romantic comedy! Let the hijinks begin!

Credit: Naver TVcast, MBC News

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  1. This drama will be a hit! JCW is so gorgeous as usual and awesome ~ ❤
    Although I have some idea how the story will unfold, I can't wait to see how JCW and NJH will portray their characters! Thank goodness, it's almost here, and I bet we'll see more teasers soon! Oh, yeah!!!

  2. It looks like this will be a very fun drama to watch. JCW is so gorgeous and attractive. I can’t wait to watch this drama. Anyway, who is in the role of the amnesiac killer?

  3. I’m soooooo happy right now. May 10 seems too far away! This rom com looks so promising! Thank you JCW!

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