[Drama] More poster shoot behind-scenes to enjoy for “Suspicious Partner”

Even more behind-scenes photos of the “Suspicious Partner” poster shoot have been provided by SBS’s “PD Note” blog today.  And who are we to say no, right? 😀

In these new photos, we see Ji Chang Wook giving the fans his best aegyo for the cameras.  Mission Accomplished!


In addition, additional behind-scenes of the second poster shoot with Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun were also posted.  Could they look any more cuter? I DARE SAY NOT!

So just in case we haven’t said this before… 10 May 2017 at 10:00pm is the premiere for “Suspicious Partner.”  We’ll see you there!

Credit:  SBS PD Note Naver Blog

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7 thoughts on “[Drama] More poster shoot behind-scenes to enjoy for “Suspicious Partner”

  1. It was a pleasure for me to keep on receiving all those update about suspicious partner..thanks guy 4 your hardwork
    Hope to watch this drama soon in Malaysia..
    JI CHANG WOOK… you are the most talented person and Iwill be missing u .when u had to join in the army huhuhu
    Hope that u got something prepared for us for those 2 years…..
    Great Job….and all the best to u

  2. As we know, JCW has rich facial expressions! He never makes me boring…
    See you all at the premiere of “Suspicious Partner!” Unfortunately, we foreign fans can’t watch as it airs in SBS. So, I probably watch at ONETVASIA as JCW announced a few days ago. How about you guys?

  3. Love his expressions! He forgot the one where he screamed for his mum on the roller the coaster…that one is priceless. NJH and JCW are both very talented in facial expressions per photos and teasers. Really looking forward to this drama!!!

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