[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and the cast of Suspicious Partner make a ratings pledge to viewers

It has become quite a trend these days for actors to make a public pledge to do something in return for audiences who tune in to their show. The cast of “Suspicious Parter” was no exception as they did just that during their live broadcast on the V Live app last week.

SBS shares some behind-the-scenes stills of Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun, Choi Tae Joon and Nara at the recording.

Did it come out well? The cast gathers around Nara’s handphone to check out their broadcast on V app.

The cast is already displaying their great chemistry while seated at the prosecutor’s office film set.

Because the video was being filmed vertically, Ji Chang Wook cheekily said, “Everyone, please turn your monitor sideways to watch!”

The cast watches the drama teaser together with the V Live audience.

“It’s here, it’s here! The Ji-Geu-Dok dance!”

Nam Ji Hyun: “Why is the Ji-Geu-Dok dance called Ji-Geu-Dok? I’m really curious.”

A: It is a compound word derived from “Ji Chang Wook” and “creak” (Bi-geu-dok in Korean).  It probably doesn’t mean well.

Q: What do you think is your charm?

A: My abs in dramas…


The cast use a dice to play a game to decide on what they should do for their pledge. In the end, they pledged to go to a location chosen by viewers where they will distribute coffee, perform a dance, and give a formal speech address if the viewership ratings exceed 15%.

This man has gotten addicted to tapping hearts on V app (The app allows you to tap the screen to send virtual hearts to whichever broadcast you are streaming).

They let the pro take a group shot of them, while Ji Chang Wook strikes an awkward pose.

See you on 10th May!


Credit: SBS PD Note Naver blog

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7 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook and the cast of Suspicious Partner make a ratings pledge to viewers

  1. I wish all the luck in the world for JCW and the rest of the cast to have a very successful series. I’m looking forward to seeing him in something light and fun also. I’ve just about worn out my “Healer” and “Empress Ki” DVDs from watching them so many times! I liked The K2 but didn’t love it; I tried to watch “Whirlwind Girl” but it was too juvenile and lost a lot of JCW due to dubbing (I managed 1 1/2 episodes); I enjoyed all his earlier TV series and liked his movie, Fabricated City. He’s due for a smash hit before he has to disappear from the screen while he’s in the service. GOOD LUCK!! I’ll have to wait for DramaFever to dub it or if they don’t have it, I’ll sign up for Viki again.

  2. Geez..bring it on! Can’t wait to see him again in the small screen..Wish him goodluck!

  3. Finally, it’s tomorrow! It seemed Viki.com will have “Suspicious Partner!” I probably watch it there. If anyone of you finds better one then please let us know.
    Best wishes to JCW! Shake up the Korean drama ratings!!!

  4. i want to watch it live! I want to support JCW’s drama ratings although ratings don’t really matter but that’s how most people judge how successful kdramas are. Praying for his 1st day showing a success.

  5. Does anyone know where this drama can be streamed live? I, too, am ready to enjoy a JCW rom-com. Ready to laugh, drool, cry, and cheer. At least with the time difference, it won’t be too long!

  6. So so so ready for this drama. Have missed JCW so much. So happy JCW will be back in 2 days’ time!

  7. i am ready! got my fave chair, blanket,drink, and snacks! now all i need is ji chang wook!

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