[Drama] Ji Chang Wook looks dashing in suits in “Suspicious Partner”

We are just a few hours away to the premiere of “Suspicious Partner”! Yoo hoo! To sustain you till then, here is a compilation of Ji Chang Wook dressed in spiffy suits for his role as the smexy prosecutor Noh Ji Wook. Need we say more? 

The cast will be present at the drama’s press conference that will be held in Seoul later this afternoon. Expect more news from us then!

Credit: SBS PD Note Naver blog

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5 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook looks dashing in suits in “Suspicious Partner”

  1. Thanks for JCW’s smashing looks! He is even more handsome and attractive as time goes on. I am really enjoying his cool, chic, and comical acting and always knew that he is a very versatile actor! I believe that more people will watch the show because of his superb acting, many charming looks, and the good chemistry between him and his partner.
    JCW is the best ~ ❤

  2. Thanks for sharing dashing pics of Wookie😍😍☺☺..Only few hours left!! Although i hav to wait for eng subs to release online i cant waitt more to see Wookie onscreen again!! 😂😂😍😍..Wish this drama tops the chart and gets good result of their hardwork..Hope from this drama people will acknowledge that JCW is not only action star but also he is able to pull naturally any role he plays..hope this drama helps him to showcase versatile actor in him and helps to get rid of his action star
    Image 👍👍😍😍😍…I am looking forward to actresss Nam ji hyun..its my first drama of her..hope she coplement JCW well with her acting👍👍😍😍..Finallyyy the wait is over in few hours..Wishing the entire team success and happiness👍😍😍..Fighting!! #Jichangwook #suspiciouspartner😍😍..Love U to infinity JI Chang
    Wook ❤❤

  3. No blood.. No bruises.. No cuts.. I could hardly recognize JCW! He looks really dashing. So happy JCW’s taken on such a different role. Can’t wait for this drama to unfold..

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