[Drama] “Suspicious Partner” press conference, 10 May 2017 (image heavy)

Ji Chang Wook and the main cast of “Suspicious Partner” were present at the press conference of their drama in Seoul this afternoon, just a few hours ahead of its premiere at 10pm KST tonight.

The press conference was held at the SBS Mokdong Broadcast Centre in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul at 2:30pm KST. Present at the event were Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun, Choi Tae Joon, Kwon Nara from Kpop group Hello Venus, and PD Park Sun Ho.

When asked why he decided to star in this drama, Ji Chang Wook said, “I had a very fun time reading the script when I received it. I thought it had a unique style. It has a style that is unique to writer Kwon Ki Young, so I wanted to act in it. Although it is packaged as a romantic comedy, it also has a mysterious case involved which I think will make the show interesting.”

With regards to working with actress Nam Ji Hyun, Ji Chang Wook said, “I think our drama evokes the feeling of spring. This is a drama that requires me to match well with Nam Ji Hyun. She is doing a very good job in portraying her lovable character so we are having a lot of fun filming.” Nam Ji Hyun added, “Ji Chang Wook matches very well with my reckless character, so he has been helpful in my portrayal of my character’s loveliness.”

Ji Chang Wook also shared a funny incident during filming. “I personally met up with a prosecutor because I play a prosecutor in the drama, so I made a field trip to the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office. But I met a reporter in front of the building, and he asked me why I was here and if I came here because of something bad. I told him I was here for a field trip.” He laughed, saying, “I once again realised that I must not do anything bad.”

Touching on the special points of the show, he said, “Our drama has many watchable aspects such as mystery and romantic comedy. I think it is a drama that is quite interesting. Not only is the script interesting, our chemistry on set is also good.”

Director Park Sun Ho spoke about the drama, “This is a coming-of-age drama of two people who take each other’s hand and fight against a world that is full of prejudice. At the same time, it is also a very hilarious romantic comedy and a suspenseful thriller about being chased by a serial killer whose memory plays in repeat, and also a melodrama that will tug at your heartstrings towards the end.”

Comparing the drama to his past shows, Ji Chang Wook said, “‘Suspicious Partner’ is more light-hearted than my previous work and also gives the feeling of spring. We are also enjoying ourselves and laughing while we film. There is hardly any action this time. Although there might be some interesting bits of action depending on the situation, there won’t be any hardcore action. I will present a new image that is different from ‘The K2’.”

With the press conference being held a day after the presidential elections, the cast was asked about their thoughts about Moon Jae In being elected as the country’s 19th president and their hopes as a citizen. Ji Chang Wook said, “Moon Jae In was elected as the president yesterday. I do not know much about politics, but as a citizen, I hope he will create a great nation for us.”

Prior to the press conference, Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun also guested on SBS Power FM “Cultwo Show” radio programme to promote the drama. Asked about their thoughts on their first appearance in this radio show, Ji Chang Wook said, “I’m nervous. I feel awkward, and I didn’t know that the audience would be seated right in front of us.”

DJ Kim Tae Gyun asked him if he did any studying of law since he was playing the role of a prosecutor. Ji Chang Wook said, “I didn’t get to study the law, but I went to places such as the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office where I got to meet some prosecutors.” He added, “The lines in the script about laws were difficult initially. I met the prosecutors and got a lot of advice from them.”

Nam Ji Hyun had to learn some Taekwondo moves too because of her role as Eun Bong Hee. She said, “I’ve never learnt Taekwondo before but I had to learn it for this drama. I joined the production rather late so I didn’t get to practise much. I only learnt the important points.”

When asked by the DJ to make a ratings promise, Ji Chang Wook reiterated their promise to distribute coffee if the ratings exceeded 15%, but also promised to reappear on the “Cultwo Show” to sing if ratings were to exceed 12%.

A member of the audience commented that he/she saw Ji Chang Wook having a meal with actor Seo In Guk. He said they were same-age friends and had similar personalities, so they will meet up occasionally to eat and ride their motorbikes.

In response to an audience member who asked him to act in musicals, he said he will continue to act in musicals after he returns from the army.  Wook also stated his enlistment will be pretty soon after “Suspicious Partner” ends its broadcast run in July 2017.

Check out more videos and photos from the press conference below.



Credit: Naver News; Cultwo Show Instagram; Glorious Entertainment; photos as watermarked

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