[Drama] Ji Chang Wook prepares for the “Suspicious Partner” press conference

More behind-scenes from SBS’s PD Note blog, where we see Ji Chang Wook getting all primped and pampered prior to meeting the media at the “Suspicious Partner” press conference held this past Thursday, 10 May 2017.

Ji Chang Wook made a quick visit to his stylists at ALUU before the press conference.

The blogger wonders why he needs to spend so much time on make-up and styling when he already looks good. We wonder why too!

Finally done! Time for some coffee.

Ji Chang Wook looks handsome even when just standing still!

Oh?! You are still taking pictures of me?!

Hold up! You are not getting into the car with me, are you?

Up till here will do. See you at the TV station!

Ji Chang Wook is preparing for his radio appearance on the “Cultwo Show” before the press conference.

Did I come too early?

After wrapping up the radio show, Ji Chang Wook arrives at the venue for the press conference.

He spots the camera. You are here again. *wicked smile*

Ji Chang Wook signs on the official poster.

What are all those signed photographs for? They are to be given away as prizes as part of an event to encourage viewers to leave comments on the message board of the drama’s official website.

10 signed photos of Noh Ji Wook for 10 lucky winners!

Ji Chang Wook records a greeting message for viewers.

Hello, I’m Ji Chang Wook who plays the role of Noh Ji Wook in “Suspicious Partner”. Nice to meet you.

Our drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday night at 10pm.

Please watch “Suspicious Partner”. You will be able to see new images of me through PD Note on the official homepage so I hope you will support it. Thank you!


Credit: SBS PD Note Naver blog


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  1. love EVERY photo! especially the wicked smile one! oh to win one of those signed photos but i was a bit too far away to make it 😦 . just have to be content watching SP each week multiple times catch all his awesomeness! his eye smiles are just the best! thank you for this article of goodness!

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