[Drama] Even more behind-scenes photos of Ji Chang Wook in “Suspicious Partner”

Glorious Entertainment has opened their own Naver blog for promotions of their actors/actresses contracted to their agency.  They must have decided to hold Christmas in May, as they have posted today a boatload of behind-scenes photos of Ji Chang Wook filming his scenes for “Suspicious Partner.”

What style of eyeglasses would a Hot Prosecutor wear for the most impact?

Many photos of Ji Chang Wook studying his script…

… and even more of Ji Chang Wook studying his script.

Noh Ji Wook:  The Number 1 Worst Prosecutor.  Criminals beware!

Let’s step outside for another look at Noh Ji Wook:

Prosecutor Noh Ji Wook gets to work:

And we end with a few preview shots of scenes from episodes that have yet to be broadcast.  We look forward to more hilarity and hijinks from future episodes of “Suspicious Prosecutor”!

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment Naver Blog

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8 thoughts on “[Drama] Even more behind-scenes photos of Ji Chang Wook in “Suspicious Partner”

  1. No needs of words! As far as I am concerned, JCW is perfect in everything! He has the perfect face, perfect body, perfect voice, perfect action, and perfect acting ~ ❤

  2. If JCW worked in an office environment, he would be a TOTAL DISTRACTION to the work output! He absolutely shines in office attire…love him in the bathrobe too! No matter what you do to his face or body, he’s still absolutely gorgeous. He has the perfect body to wear suits!!

  3. Wookie looks quite mature in those photos. In real life he is just the opposite, haha…He is very serious in studying the script and immerse in his role.

  4. oh i am loving this drama! i watch each episode twice just for the chang wook factor. thanks for these photos! he is forever gorgeous in my book! he is nailing his role along with the great chemistry between him and the girl (forgot her name) (sheepish) please don’t let it ever end! (the magic)! that is chang wook. 🙂 ❤

  5. Can you O.D. on pretty? 😛

    Hello. My name is Beez. I’m an addict. JCW is my drug of choice. Cherkell is my pusher. I have no desire to quit.

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