[Drama] Behind-scenes photos overfloweth from “Suspicious Partner”

The SBS Promotions Department continues to work double shifts on behalf of Ji Chang Wook’s new drama “Suspicious Partner,” as we have been blessed with two more behind-scenes and official still photo compilations from the Naver PD Note Blog this week.

These behind-scenes are featured from Episodes 1 and 2 and do feature some duplicates of previously produced stills, so we’ll leave those out and concentrate on the newer ones.  First off, Prosecutor Noh provides us a Study in White (Shirt).

More from the first meeting(s) of what will eventually become the “Ji-Bong Couple.”

Continuing on with another batch focusing on Bong Hee’s arrest, interrogation and trial!

Stay tuned for more behind-scenes to be provided by SBS soon!

Credit:  SBS PD Note Naver Blog

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  1. man, he slays me in a suit! he knows the poses and just looks the part! i am watching right now!

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