[Drama] More heart-stopping stills of Ji Chang Wook in Suspicious Partner

Not to be out done by SBS, Glorious Entertainment has been upping their game recently in promoting Ji Chang Wook. And thanks to that, we have a boatload of high resolution photos of Ji Chang Wook on the set of “Suspicious Partner”. Describing him as “gorgeous” in these photos is an understatement.

A must-have item for every established actor — a personalised chair to rest on during tiring shoots!

Now that Noh Ji Wook is no longer a prosecutor, we now see Ji Chang Wook with his fringe down as he plays his role as a lawyer.

Always hard at work studying the script.

If you thought the transition scene of Noh Ji Wook becoming a lawyer in two years was too short in the drama, Glorious has been kind enough to share stills from that scene for us to admire at our own leisure. Ji Chang Wook with trench coats, cherry blossoms and snow are the perfect combination!

Flash back to the days when Noh Ji Wook was still a charismatic and confident prosecutor.

That’s it! Are you still alive?


Credit: Glorious Entertainment Naver blog

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9 thoughts on “[Drama] More heart-stopping stills of Ji Chang Wook in Suspicious Partner

  1. Thanks for sharing this Handsome Wookies pics😍😍❤❤❤..he looks dashing in all those suits and absolutely adored more in Prosecutor robe and glasses suits him well😍😍❤❤..

  2. i just have to thank you guys again for all the news and updates and gorgeous pics of chand wook. what would i do without your site? and yes, he is absolutely gorgeous in these shots. (00) i need eyedrops for my overworked eyes staring at his lovely ness!!! who can choose just one? ok i choose HIM!

  3. JCW looks so good in that long blue coat! Emphasises his height. That’s my favorite pic..so far! So difficult to choose a favorite pic out of all these gorgeous pics!!

    Thank you JCWKitchen!

  4. i am not sure right now !!!! this kind of perfection hurts my eyes everytime !!!!!!

      • lol..well, JCW’s visuals doesn’t only hurt my eyes..so sad that it hurts my heart as too…just wish i could know his heart more than i know his face and his smile..

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