[News] Ji Chang Wook places second in May drama actor brand reputation ranking

The Korea Business Research Institute has released its brand reputation rankings for drama actors for the month of May, and Ji Chang Wook has emerged second on the list!

The institute analysed the data of 50 actors and actresses currently starring in ongoing dramas for the period between 20 April 2017 and 21 May 2017. The stars were measured from 49,718,309 pieces of data based on their influence on consumer brand participation, amount of media mentions and interest, degree of engagement with consumers and the amount of interest generated in online communities.

Ji Chang Wook came in at second place with 762,137 points for brand participation, 1,034,292 points for media, 1,030,484 points for engagement and 1,267,818 points for community, which amounted to a score of 4,094,731 for brand reputation.

Ranked ahead of him in first place is actor Park Hae Jin, while Park Sung Woong came in third; both actors are starring in the JTBC drama “Man To Man”.

His “Suspicious Partner” co-star Nam Ji Hyun is placed sixth on the list, after Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun who are both in the MBC drama “Ruler: Master of the Mask” that is airing in the same timeslot as “Suspicious Partner”.

Congratulations to Ji Chang Wook and we hope that the drama will continue to do better!

Credit: Korea Business Research Institute 

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8 thoughts on “[News] Ji Chang Wook places second in May drama actor brand reputation ranking

  1. Hi Gabby, thank you for uploading the May MBABRR! Would you please also upload for the June’s result! It was amazing. JCW had almost twice higher of every category than the second runner up. Thank you for your hard work, always! ^^
    JCW is the best ~ ❤

  2. So happy for him! All his hard work and sacrifices haven’t gone unnoticed. He shares so much of himself with his fans…just adore him.

  3. Thanks for sharing this☺☺😍😍..He deserves the top..anyway he is always top in our Hearts forever😍😍❤❤❤..loving his new drama..all characters are interesting and fun to watch ..Wookie is amazing as always🙏🙏😍😍❤❤❤..He once again proved that he can do any roles brilliantly..Versatile actor🙏🙏🙏..Proud of you Wookie😍😍❤❤..Fighting SP team!! Sarange Wookie❤❤..Take care..stay healthy..

  4. Thanks for this wonderful piece of news Gabby!

    Congrats again JCW! JCW keeps getting more and more accolades. So happy for him. All his hard work is bearing fruit. So happy for you JCW!

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