[Drama] Warm fuzzies galore in new stills of Ji Chang Wook in “Suspicious Partner”

As if SBS didn’t play around enough with our hearts in their last PD Notes blog post, they sure as heck kicked it up a notch with teasing Noh Ji Wook and Eun Bong Hee’s budding relationship in these new stills from previous and upcoming episodes posted today.  Caution: Spoilers may be divulged below the cut, so proceed with caution! 😁

“Ugh, that’s bitter.  SO bitter.”

Wish my first day at a new law firm job was celebrated this way! *sigh*

Eun Hyuk acting like that annoying little brother always wanting attention…

Action Ji Wook saves the day!

Wakey wakey!

And now, for a trip down Memory Lane… we flashback to Noh Ji Wook’s law student days and hanging out with Eun Hyuk and Yoo Jung:

The plot thickens.  Whatever happened to sour the relationship between our three intrepid student lawyers?  Stay tuned for the answer!

Credit:  SBS PD Notes Naver Blog

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