[Instagram Update] 26 May 2017

Post #1

오늘도 덕분에….!! 😘
#지창욱갤러리 #감사합니다 #잘먹었습니다

Thanks again today….!! 😘
#Ji Chang Wook Gallery #thank you #I enjoyed eating

*Ji Chang Wook Gallery refers to his Korean fan base Ji Chang Wook DC Gallery.




Post #2
이밤에도 한씬을 위해 많은 분들이 고생하고 있어요..! 감사합니다!!!! #수상한파트너 #스텝 #화이팅 #괜찮아 #다잘될거야

Many people are still working hard this late at night for the sake of one scene..! Thank you!!!! #Suspicious Partner #staff #fighting #it’s okay #everything will go well

Post #3

#노지욱 #은봉희 #수상해 #아무래도 #수상해 #굿나잇 #잘자요

Looking on🌙
#Noh Ji Wook #Eun Bong Hee #strange #whatever #strange #good night #sleep well

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3 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 26 May 2017

  1. I’m curious and would love it if someone who knows could give me an answer: Does the film team and Ji Chang Wook rely on food trucks from fans in order to eat when taking a break from filming or is that a bonus? My friend who is a production coordinator in Los Angeles says they have tons of food all day and night long that is supplied free of charge to all of them. The food is constantly replaced (breakfast, lunch & dinner) or replenished (rare since they supply so much). I think it’s wonderful he has such loyal fans who take such good care of him. I hope his show is a success.

    • The food trucks from fans are definitely just an occasional bonus. The crew need to eat everyday, so it would be unreasonable to expect fans to pay for their meals everyday. Food is usually catered. In fact, fans need to write in to arrange for a specific day that they are allowed to send a food truck, so it’s not a daily occurrence.

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