[Drama] Ji Chang Wook shows his studious side in new behind-scenes from “Suspicious Partner”

It’s Glorious Entertainment’s turn to show us the serious side of Ji Chang Wook, as he prepares for upcoming episodes of “Suspicious Partner” by reviewing his scripts and overseeing his day-to-day filming.

Here’s something I have great experience with — having certain statutes and civil codes tabbed in my government treatises for easy reference!

It’s a basic habit for actors to monitor their scenes after hearing the word “cut.”

And if all goes well…

… you get the Thumbs Up of Approval!

But then it’s back to studying your scripts.

Study… study… and study some more.

And then it’s back to filming.

And there’s no time for breaks, even while being filmed cooking yummy foods!  (Given Wook’s non-culinary skills, we’re thinking he had some help from the staffs with that.  😀 )

But eventually, it’s time to wrap for the day and head home…

To sit in mindful reflection in advance of the filming days to come. 💕

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment Naver Blog

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4 thoughts on “[Drama] Ji Chang Wook shows his studious side in new behind-scenes from “Suspicious Partner”

  1. hello dear. I wanna ask u, does glorious ent have naver blog only ? or , is there other page ? how about weibo ? . And my 2nd question : where can I get the official still pics of suspicious partner. thankyou dear.

  2. Thanks, Cherkell! Our boy is ever working hard in the set. His work ethic always impresses me. JCW is a seriously hard working actor; that is one of his assets and charms!
    The top of that he is so gorgeous and acts beautifully! what more do you want from the actor? JCW is the best ~ ❤

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