[Drama] Buried emotions begin to show through in new “Suspicious Partner” stills

The SBS PD Note Naver Blog brings us another massive batch of production stills and behind-scenes from “Suspicious Partner.”  Let’s dive in and take a look, shall we?

Apparently many fans misunderstood the accidental meeting at the grocery mart for a ‘dating scene.’  Have faith, readers.  It was merely coincidental.

How do you recruit a section chief to join your fledgling law firm without actually asking him outright and earning the wrath of the Prosecution Department? The Noh Ji Wook Way! 😀

Speaking of recruiting, Ji Wook makes another (rather cute) attempt at recruiting Bong Hee to his new firm.

“It was 30 against two…”  Bwahahahaha!

Showing the closeness of two… except for Eun Hyuk, who is left with heartbreak.

It’s the Avenging Lawyers at work!

What’s up?  I’m fine.  (I want to reveal everything…)

The beginning is the first step of any emotion…

Lawyer Noh, I like you.

Don’t like me.

And here we are up to Episode 14.  Stay tuned for another batch of goodies from our favourite PD-nim soon!

Credit:  SBS PD Notes Naver Blog

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5 thoughts on “[Drama] Buried emotions begin to show through in new “Suspicious Partner” stills

  1. love all the pics! Thanks for the update. I just wonder if they will ever show Ji Wook’s other talents in the drama like playing soccer or basketball? I remember he posted a picture of him with a team on IG. I hope they won’t lose track of their character descriptions. I’m waiting for more of Ji Wook’s different images.

  2. K2 and Healer all gone down the drain..bahaha, I laughed so hard at the fight scenes with 30 teenagers.

    Noh Ji Wook touching the wall is especially cute 😍

    Thanks for sharing!

    • @huggiescomfort..totally agree with you re JCW trailing his finger along the wall when he walks. Don’t know what it is about that scene but I always laugh when I see it. JCW’s so cute there!

  3. I absolutely love JCW and Suspicious Partner! ^^
    It has everything that a romantic comedy should be and much more…..
    This is what I imagined him in a romantic comedy, and then he exceeds my expectations as always. He is truly an excellent actor, and he’ll go far and broader in the future for sure.
    JCW is the best ~ ❤

  4. I’m really loving Suspicious Partner. Cracky chemistry, snarky dialogue, fantastic pacing, smart plot, budding romance, and the beauty that is Ji Chang Wook.

    Add a scene or two where JCW leaps across tall buildings and performs some of his powerful kicks and graceful backflips, and I wouldn’t ask for anything more.

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