[Magazine] 10+Star, Issue 70 (Part 2) – Close-up of Ji Chang Wook

This is part 2 of Ji Chang Wook’s interview in 10+Star magazine. Click here for part 1.

Your personality seems to be more introverted.
If we get closer, I become livelier and I will also fool around a lot, but I’m very shy at first. But having done many interviews, I’ve gotten more used to talking about myself.

Do you like to read books?
I have many comic books at home (laughs). Recently, I bought the whole series of a comic called “Piano no Mori” except for two volumes. I enjoyed reading it a lot when I was younger, but it is now out of print so I am not able to buy it. 

People seem to read a lot of books when they enter the army, what do you think?
I want to play (laughs). It will be really great if I’m able to study, but I wonder how many people are able to do that. Of course, I don’t think I will be an exception.

You are entering the army at quite a late age, how will you deal with it if you get bullied by seniors who are younger than you?
Sincerity will probably be the best. Even when they bully me, I think they will treat me better once they know of my sincerity. I can also like you a lot (laughs). It’s vague but I think I’ll be able to do a good job, and it will probably be interesting.

You have a nickname “Gob Wookie*”, was there a moment where you really felt like a “Gob Wookie”?
My friends gave me that nickname (laughs). I don’t ride roller coasters because I can’t bear it, so I’m quite timid. There’s usually a lot of preparation done when I film action scenes so I don’t get scared, but feel comfortable instead.

*”Gob Wookie (겁욱이)” is a combination of the words “fear (겁/Gob in Korean)” and his name “Wook (욱)”. This nickname also rhymes with the word “turtle (거북이/Gor Bukie)” in Korean, which is why you sometimes see him associated with the Pokemon Squirtle in fan art.

There’s also a nickname “Ji Geu Dok” that is a combination of “Ji Chang Wook” and “Bbi Geu Dok (creak)”. People say that your dancing is awkward.
I think I’m always ji-geu-dok (laughs). This name was given by fans, I think the nicknames given by my fans are all good.

I hear that you are obsessed with games recently.
I will occasionally go to my close friend’s office to play Starcraft. It has been a long time since I played it so I find it fun. Mobile games are also convenient to play so I play a lot of that.

What do you like to do to recharge yourself?
Riding my bike. It has been almost over a year since I rode my bike while filming a show. I like the sound of the wind rushing past my face, and I slightly enjoy the speed too. And also meeting up with my friends. I enjoy just being with the people I like. So I will ask “What shall we do now?” once I meet my friends and pass time like that.

Was there a moment recently when you felt a bit of happiness?
When I had a meal with my mum a few days ago. I felt very happy chatting with my mum and saying how cold it was while crossing the underpass in front of my house. I tend to think positively, so I’m actually happy everyday.

Is there a memorable present among the gifts that you’ve received from fans?
A Squirtle Pokemon doll. Maybe because picking dolls from machines is popular these days so they give me a lot of dolls. They give so many till the point that people around me have suggested that I open a toy store (laughs). I’m thankful for everything that my fans give me.

You’ve said that you wish to hold a fan event that is in a concert format. What kind of stage do you wish to create?
I haven’t prepared anything else besides singing, but I’m thinking about how I can have a fun and enjoyable time with fans.

This is clichéd but this is a question that I cannot avoid asking. What do fans mean to you?
They are people whom I’m very grateful for. And they are people who give me an infinite amount of love. Even if I can’t dance, even if I can’t sing, they love me a lot no matter what I do. I cannot confirm perfectly, I get the vague sense that they will like me even if I can’t act. Because of that, I work hard in order not to be a disgrace. They are also people who help me endure when things are very tough for me and I feel like giving up. So I feel sorry for no reason as much as I am thankful.

Then what is Ji Chang Wook’s dream?
Living life interestingly. Acting is very interesting. I think I am very fortunate to have an interesting job. I become very thrilled, happy and excited when I meet an interesting character. That’s why I wish to act for a long long time.

Everytime you are interviewed, Ji Chang Wook gives the feeling of a calm and composed person.
I hear that a lot. I also try to think that way. It’s also the same when I think about the success of a show. I recall a senior saying that it is not possible for every show to fail, neither is it possible for every show to succeed. With those words in mind, I work hard to think of everything calmly. Even being happy one moment and being sad the next moment is difficult.

What do you wish to do after this interview is over?
I don’t wish to do anything (laughs). I feel relaxed when I sit at the cafe all day drinking tea, eating, and then going home to sleep. I like these little things.

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  1. Ji Chang Wook is such an amazing person. I’m happy a person like him exists in this world~ Thank you for translating his interviews and for all your hard work. The answers he gives truly makes makes me smile and inspires me..! We will always love you Ji Chang Wook ❤ Be safe, healthy and rest well too ^^

  2. Thanks for sharing his interview☺☺😍😍..He is great at singing..just Love his deep soothing Voice❤❤and as always his interviews are honest and sincere..His positivity about life is 🙏🙏🙏..and when he said chatting with his mom makes him happy ..such a nice son👍👍😍😍..always proud to be your fan Wookie..Wish and pray you will continue to cherish your dream till the end😍😍😍❤❤..will always support you till the end…These lines about Fans touch my heart❤❤ -Even if I can’t dance, even if I can’t sing, they love me a lot no matter what I do. I cannot confirm perfectly, I get the vague sense that they will like me even if I can’t act. Because of that, I work hard in order not to be a disgrace.. He is really such a Simple loving and genuine person..really no matter what we will always Love you Wookie❤❤❤❤..stay healthy..Take care😍😍😍

  3. As always, When he talks about anything, his personality is so honest that you can virtually touch his aura with his words. He owns such a great spirit… So passionate, warm.. sincere… so timid and you can see how timid he is talking about himself and his achievements. I can’t help but love him and wish the best of this world to this man. He seems to be thinking a lot about starting a family recently. I hope his girl will feel enchanted by him as much as we all are, and I really hope he can be this sensible and caring man to her at home as he is to us when we see his things.

    I love him. No matter what he does, if there is his sincerity, I always find amusing. 🙂

  4. JCW’s interviews always makes me so happy. He’s so down to earth and approaches all aspects of his life with such rationality. He’s truly an amazing person. And I can only hope and pray that good things will continue to happen in JCW’s life. JCW deserves it.

  5. It’s pleasure to know what Ji Chang Wook feels about his fans…Hope that he wil always happy in whatever he does..Love U always

  6. The response about his fans’ acceptance was heart warming…even if I can’t dance, sing, they love me. I am so glad that he knows how his fans feel about him. He puts forth great effort in his profession. I can honestly say that his dramas/movies and music have brought great joy and entertainment to my life.

  7. it is refreshing to read his interviews! i feel positive vibes every time i read about or see him! thank you so much for always bringing these things to us. i am so happy i found your blog 🙂

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