[News] Ji Chang Wook to lend his voice to the Korean version of anime “Your Name”

Ji Chang Wook, along with fellow actors Kim So Hyun and Lee Re, will lend their voice talents to the blockbuster Japanese anime “Your Name”(君の名は / Kimi no Na wa), with the Korean version to be released in local theatres on 13 July 2017.  Kim Sung Ho, director of the movie “How To Steal A Dog,” will direct the dubbing.

The anime “Your Name” (君の名は / Kimi no Na wa) is based on the novel adapted and directed by Japanese author Makoto Shinkai, and tells the story of a high school girl in rural Japan and a high school boy in Tokyo who intermittently swap bodies, causing confusion amongst their families and friends.  “Your Name” was released in Japan this past January 2017 to critical acclaim, and became the fourth-highest grossing movie ever in the history of Japanese films.  Ji Chang Wook will voice the character Takibana Taki, with Kim So Hyun voicing the character Miyamizu Mitsuha and Lee Re will voice the supporting character of Miki.

A representative from the production stated that “Your Name” is going to be produced as a barrier-free version with screen commentary and Korean subtitles added so that viewers and hearing-impaired people can see it together.  The three actors were said to be willing to lend their voices with the intention of making a meaningful impression upon the viewers, and have already started recording their respective voice parts this week.

It may be unlikely that this Korean version will have an international release since it is intended for the Korean audience.  Regardless, congratulations to Ji Chang Wook for another stellar role to add to his portfolio!

27 June update:

An announcement has been made that Ji Chang Wook and Kim So Hyun will be donating their voice dubbing appearance fees to the Korea Barrier-Free Film Commission in order to further promote Korean cinema works to hearing- and visually-impaired filmgoers.

5 July update:

First trailer for the movie is out!

Credit:  Naver News

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  1. daebak👍
    on a serious note, the team is being considerable to visually impaired as well👍

    will international fans not be able to watch this movie with eng subs??

  2. I havent seen any of this japanese anime versions before..is this animation movie?? Where can i watch it after its release??? im looking forward to it..Figting wookie!!😍😍❤❤❤❤

  3. What great news! I’ve seen the Japanese version of this movie and JCW’s voice will fit perfectly as Taki. Congrats JCW! So happy to see you in such a role!

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