[CF] Ji Chang Wook is the new face of beauty brand 24 Miracle

Ji Chang Wook has been chosen as the new celebrity endorser for Korean cosmetic brand 24 Miracle!

24 Miracle is a Korean cosmetic brand selling mainly facial masks. The brand seeks to develop healthy cosmetic products made from organic ingredients that will benefit women’s skin.


A spokesperson of the brand explained their choice of model, “Ji Chang Wook’s sophisticated features and comfortable charm is an image that matches well with our brand concept and he will be able to highlight our brand identity, which is why we decided to appoint him as our new model.”

The spokesperson also added that the brand will be rolling out its marketing campaign overseas. Hopefully we can get to see Ji Chang Wook’s face in stores overseas too!


Source: Money S

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12 thoughts on “[CF] Ji Chang Wook is the new face of beauty brand 24 Miracle

  1. I think I will buy 24 Miracle mask if they are sold in my country. 😘 I’m happy for JCW. I hope he will get more and more endorsement.

  2. You’ve chosen well, 24 Miracle! JCW is indeed the perfect model for your brand. Congratulations to our dear Wookie!

  3. I will add 24 Miracle to my list of things to buy when I make my long dreamed of trip to Korea in August.

  4. Congrats JCW! You deserve this. You’ve worked hard for these kind of opportunities. Imagine if 24 Miracle put JCW’s face on the product! These masks will fly off the shelves!!! I’ll take 10 please..! 😆

  5. Don’t get me wrong, i adore Ji Chang Wook, but i noticed that he has gotten so skinny and it doesn’t looked good on him. Hope he can put on some weight. His K2 body was just perfect for him. And what has been happening to those eyebags? Oh..wookie must be working too hard..

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