[Drama] Ji Chang Wook reveals his ‘Suspicious House’ life in more behind-scenes from “Suspicious Partner”

No sleeping on the job for the fine folks at Glorious Entertainment, as they have published even yet more behind-scenes pics of Ji Chang Wook hard at work filming “Suspicious Partner.”  Charming actors are hidden in the Sleeping Prince’s house.  Let’s find them now!

Prince’s exercise time!

It’s been bloody hot in the 35º-36ºC temperature range in Seoul lately, and you have him running around in a heavy tracksuit?  *sheesh*

Someone’s off to go see Bong-hee!

The actors look more seriously than ever.  Seriously!

Visible through the door gap, a man who ties a tie.  Our actor, Ji Chang Wook!

The World’s Sexiest Man’s side view.


With perfect outfits, lunch time!

We ate a lot of snacks.  Next is game time.  Shall we start now?  Game King Actor Ji!

It’s hard to do it!  Game sense = full marks! ♥

The winner smiles before he leaves!

With a fresh smile, actors who can juice a lemon!  Maybe…

Now for the evenings at the “Suspicious House”.

Cool guy studying evidence.

Taking a day off, taking a rest … ♥

Take a rest and relax …♥

What’s going on?

This weekend is passing away.  Sleep?

Sometimes a man who listens in earnest…

A man who knows how to communicate with everyone.

‘Suspicious House’ inside and outside.  Bright smiles and sunny visuals!

Additional bonuses, behind our actor’s back!


Credit:  Glorious Entertainment Naver Blog

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  1. Ji changwookkitchen, do you know where they are filming this drama and does ji chang wook have any public appearance coming up in the beginning of July because I will be in Seoul and busan during that time?

    • Hi, we do not have any information of their filming locations or schedule. As of now, other than his 10th anniversary concert, we are not aware of any other public appearances in the month of July. You may refer to the Schedule page on our site under Appetisers.

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