[News] Ji Chang Wook is first in June drama actor brand reputation ranking

Congratulations to Ji Chang Wook for taking the top spot in June’s brand reputation rankings for drama actors!

The Korea Business Research Institute conducted an analysis of 125,441,267 pieces of data of 50 actors starring in ongoing dramas between 16 May 2017 and 17 June 2017. The research looked into aspects such as consumers’ brand participation, media mentions and engagement level. This was a 67.69% increase from the 74,806,906 pieces of data analysed in May.

In first place, Ji Chang Wook scored 1,532,055 points for participation, 556,836 for media mentions, 1,249,820 for engagement, 7,905,172 for community engagement and a total of 11,243,884 points for brand reputation.

In second and third place are actresses Kim Ji Won from KBS drama “Fight My Way” and Wook’s “Suspicious Partner” co-star Nam Ji Hyun, respectively.

The report also analysed the links mentioning Ji Chang Wook, and it was revealed that comments such as “handsome” and “like” were the most common. Keywords related to him included “Suspicious Partner”, “Instagram” and “Nam Ji Hyun”.

Overall, comments about Ji Chang Wook were 84.93% positive.

Credit: TenAsia

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  1. not surprising at all! i am loving his drama SP. if he looked at me with those expressive puppy eyes i would melt on the spot! or if he touched me lovingly with his hands~~ he is a great actor and i will sorely miss him.

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