[Drama] Ji Chang Wook is a pro at hugs in Suspicious Partner

Hug, hug, and hug again. Will the hugs between Suspicious Partner’s Jibong couple continue? 

A recap of last week’s episodes through photos!

While jogging, Noh Ji Wook gives the cold treatment to his sunflower Eun Hyuk again.

But being friends for 30 years, Eun Hyuk can see right through him and sticks even closer as the death anniversary of Ji Wook’s dad approaches.

Ji Wook treats his client like how he did when he was a prosecutor.

Everyone shows consideration to Ji Wook by giving him space to be alone during this period. Ji Wook ends up having a picnic on his own.

Come over here. Please bother me.

As though waiting for her, Ji Wook is pleased to meet Bong Hee.

Ji Wook teaches Bong Hee how to cycle. But we can see someone in the distance?

After confronting the pervert photographer, the pair arrive at the scene of a murder that the man might have witnessed in the past.

They run into the prosecutors who are also investigating the case.

They go up to the rooftop of the block opposite Bong Hee’s former home.

Ji Wook discovers a foul smell and blood from the water tank.

Ji Wook grabs the hand of an uneasy Bong Hee.

May I come in for a while? Ji Wook carefully opens the door to Bong Hee’s room.

Is this our first day?

Hug machine in action. Thank you Eun Bong Hee~

“You haven’t replied me yet!” Ji Wook is worried.

Ji Wook accuses Eun Bong Hee of being like a real player.

Ji Wook dresses up while feeling excited at hearing Bong Hee’s reply.

Ji Wook goes to meet her with a bouquet of flowers in hand.

If there is a man like him waiting for us…

Cha Yoo Jung asks if she can seat for a moment but Ji Wook has an important appointment.

Ji Wook spots Bong Hee outside the window and chases after her.

Why are you just leaving like that? Did you misunderstand?

Ji Wook is more worried about Bong Hee than himself.

Ji Wook was worried that Bong Hee will get drenched by the sudden rain.

Bong Hee meant to reject him but her eyes betray her feelings.

Shall we be honest with each other?

Ji Wook agrees to wait for her. He will become the master of waiting at this rate.

Ji Wook is unable to control his feelings following the death of his client.

“There’s no one who has never lost someone before.”

I don’t want to lose you Bong Hee. “Bong Hee ya, please stop it and like me now.”

Hug machine reactivated.

Due to Ji Wook’s honest feelings, Bong Hee lets go of the feelings that she had been holding back.

“Today is our first day!”


Hardworking Ji Wook runs through the situation thus far.

You’ve worked hard today. Bong Hee goes nearer to his shoulder.

Bong Hee thanks him for his hard work in helping with her friend’s case.

That’s enough for the first day! Trainer Bong Hee is a pro at handling puppy Ji Wook.

Cue pouty Ji Wook.

Ji Wook runs to Bong Hee upon receiving Eun Hyuk’s call.

Ji Wook checks to see if she’s all right and spots the injury on her arm.

Not caring about onlookers, Ji Wook gives a fierce hug.

Bonus cuts:

Image and hotness overload. Remember to tune in to the remaining episodes of “Suspicious Partner”!

Credit: SBS PD Note Naver blog



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