[Event] Behind-scenes of Ji Chang Wook for his Chanel event appearance

Here’s another behind-scenes pictorial from Glorious Entertainment of Ji Chang Wook getting prepared for his appearance at the Chanel Mademoiselle Privé exhibition opening ceremony held on 21 June.  Let’s take a look at the process!

Open the door and come in!

Today’s on-point is the “V Concept”

Our Actor Ji Chang Wook 

Actor Ji, with a friendly smile during, before and after makeup.

Look at the clothes!  Ha ha!  (Note: Wook’s suit is actually from Dolce and Gabbana, but the V pin is from Chanel.)

Add some coolness to your suit by enjoying the clear weather.  Departure to the exhibition hall!!

Checking the schedule one more time.  Ready to go!!!

Our actor’s transformation!

A bright profile at the photowall!

Moving on to the exhibition itself, stepping brightly!

A man making a run to the street!

What is he focusing on?

Actor Ji in a meaningful place…

… with a gentle and perfect visual ♥

Viewing the exhibition with careful eyes.

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment Naver Blog

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2 thoughts on “[Event] Behind-scenes of Ji Chang Wook for his Chanel event appearance

  1. Seeing his bright, pleasant face reminds me of the opposite image he gives us in “Five Fingers.” At times it is hard to believe it’s the same actor because he does such a great job of showing malice, suspicion, resentment, jealousy and hatred.

  2. Thanks for the pics and captions Cherkell.

    I wonder how comfortable JCW feels in such an environment. For someone who doesn’t really care that much for fashion I mean. But I guess all celebrities have to do some things which they’re not comfortable with. And JCW’s a big celebrity now! And we do get a lot of beautiful pics of our JCW! That seals the deal for me! 😊

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