[Drama] Laundromat dates and other delights in new stills for “Suspicious Partner”

SBS responds to the viewers’ demands yet again, with their PD Notes Blog providing even more production stills and behind-scenes from last week’s episodes of “Suspicious Partner.”  Let’s take a look!

Suspended in disbelief over the attack on Chief Bang puts Ji Wook’s head in a spin.

Ji Wook feels like he’s losing his mind, as Bong-hee tries to comfort him.

I will let you leave me alone.  Promise?  Deal?

Ji Wook answers Hyun Soo with a fist to the face instead!

Sir, look at this.  Ji-wook and Hyun-soo end up at the police station.

In the end, Ji-wook landed in jail.  But this was all planned!

Ji-wook gives Eun-hyuk a secret mission.  Does he want to perform it?

The next day arrives and our two antagonists part while glaring at each other.

Eun-hyuk manufactures the evidence with the stolen kitchen knife.  But why is Ji-wook worried?

I will do it.  I don’t mind returning to jail.

Ji-wook promises he will protect Bong-hee.

The Unofficial Investigative Team investigating Jung Hyun Soo.

The Ji-Bong Couple is left alone!  On nights you cannot sleep, one can of beer is perfect!

Bingo Bong-hee only sees her beer; Ji-wook only sees Bong-hee.

Ji-wook pours on the ‘charm’ for Bong-hee.

Sleepy?  The climax of a long day.

I’ll hold you tight, now take my hand…

20 seconds.  GAME OVER.

We’ll try to win over my parents…

But when will you give it?  I was afraid to give the giftBong-hee knows everything!


Thank you…

Today’s date ends like this?

Bonus behind-scenes shots:

Credit:  SBS PD Notes Naver Blog

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4 thoughts on “[Drama] Laundromat dates and other delights in new stills for “Suspicious Partner”

  1. No need to say anything about JCW’s acting skills. I, however, had to praise him once again for his superb acting in “Suspicious Partner.” He is so gorgeous and natural in that character.
    I love how he portrays Noh Ji Wook’s character with the fine details and subtle charms of emotion.
    JCW is simply the best ~ ❤

  2. oh my heart be still! those kiss shots and hug shots and sleeping shots! this week is quite the treat. thanks for sharing them!

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