[Event/CF] Ji Chang Wook to hold 24 Miracle fan sign session


Ji Chang Wook will be having a fan sign as the new endorser of 24 Miracle cosmetics! 

As reported previously, Ji Chang Wook has signed on as the face of newly-launched Korean cosmetics brand 24 Miracle. To encourage sales, the brand is having a special event to reward customers with a chance to get an autograph from Ji Chang Wook himself.

To participate, one has to purchase any of 24 Miracle’s Ample facial masks or Aqua Mist from Shinsegae’s online shopping site SSG.com between 1 July to 12 July to qualify for the lucky draw. Only 80 lucky winners will get to meet Ji Chang Wook at the fan sign. Details are as follow.

Ji Chang Wook 24 Miracle fan sign

Date: 16 July 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 2pm KST
Venue: Starfield Hanam (스타필드하남) shopping mall, south side Molly’s event plaza
Address: 750 Misadaero, Hanamsi, Gyeonggido 경기도 하남시 미사대로 750 (신장동)
Directions: Take express bus 9302 or 9303 from Jamsil Station in Seoul and alight at Starfield Hanam


Tickets for the winners will be distributed at the venue just before the event from 1pm to 1.50pm KST. Please note that the shopping mall is in Hanam city in Gyeonggi province, and is not within Seoul.

It is not possible for foreigners to take part in the lucky draw to join the fan sign, because a Korean phone number or citizenship number is required to make purchases on SSG.com. But since this is a public event, you might want to head to the mall to try your luck at getting a glimpse of him if you are in Korea on that day!




Credit: SSG.com; 24 Miracle Instagram

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  1. Many more Happy returns of the day Wookie!!🎉🎂🍰🍫🍭🍬🎊..May god bless you always and gives his Strength, Love and peace to you!! 😍😍❤❤…stay healthy!! Keep smiling always and Be your self!! Your place in my Heart is irreplaceble!! Saranghaeyo jeongmal❤❤❤..More Power and Happiness to you!! Keep shining my LOVE !!❤❤❤
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    From #India 😍😍❤❤❤

  2. JCW is the perfect person to endorse a skin care product because he has clean, healthy, and radiant skin! I’m hoping that we’ll see him in more ads and promotion events while he is the military service. JCW is the best ~ ❤

    • @harmonic835 – unless the rules have recently changed, I think they’re not allowed to participate in any ads or entertainment things unless it is to help promote the military’s public relations.

      I remember that because of Rain’s enlistment and because once I realized that Kim Jong Kook of Running Man was originally a singer, I began checking out his music videos on youtube. There has been a long running joke on Runnimg Man that Jong Kook’s ideal woman is Yoon Eun-Hye. So when I came across a video where he finally got Yoon Eun-Hye to make a romantic video with him, I couldn’t understand why his face was not shown in the video. Apparently he made the video before entering the military but once it was released, he was serving and so his face was not allowed to be shown in the video. 😦

  3. Yesterday, I found myself in the grocery store checkout line, looking at the stuff they want you to impulse buy (right next to the gossip rags). It was so hard for me to resist buying the little round lip balm that JCW endorses despite the fact that I do not need it in any way. My lips are never dry or cracked, I always have on lipstick and I don’t like flavored anything on my lips. Besides, I’m 57 and 10 months old and don’t need something so cutesy. I’m not knocking it and if I had grandchildren, I’d be stocking their bookbags with it. But I have never, ever cared about buying anything because a celebrity endorses it, yet there I was, fighting not to reach for it just because I was picturing his smile.

    • i hear you! this advertising really works if he has nestled into your heart! and i am your sonbae by a few years!

    • Haha, I did the same thing too. I visualized JCW and his commercial with EOS. Bought mine at Costco (6 in a pack)…love the product.

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