[Drama] Bittersweet couple stills from Suspicious Partner

It’s “Suspicious Partner” stills galore again from SBS.

Now that Noh Ji Wook has found out that Eun Bong Hee’s father was related to the death of his parents, will Ji Bong couple be able to overcome this ordeal?

Ji Wook wakes up from a nightmare. A worried Bong Hee comes to check on him.

“I’m Ok”. Since when did you get here?

Ji Wook feels better upon seeing Bong Hee and lets out a smile.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Bong Hee ya…”

The pair who must hug each other to sleep. Please help us to separate them.

Ji Wook is deep in thought as he watches Bong Hee sleep.

Bong Hee offers him a glass of juice after he returns from exercising. It looks like a very healthy colour? His eyes have a look of uneasiness.

Gulp, gulp.

Is this filled with tea for insomnia? Things that are good for health are always bitter.

Bang cheers on the two who are looking gloomy in front of a guy who got stabbed.

My mind is blank. Because I have no thoughts at all.

The two drunk men couldn’t care less about Bang.

Bong Hee chides Bang for drinking so soon after recovering. “I’m not crying, I drank cider!”

Bong Hee ya, have a glass.

Noh Ji Wook enters his room with the support of Bong Hee.

“We must not break up, Bong Hee ya. Even if I tell you to leave, you must not go.”

Bong Hee also learns of the truth that Ji Wook tried to hide.

“I want to eat rice cakes.”

“Do you? I’ll go buy them quickly and come back.”

They take a photo in the park with bright smiles like usual. They spend a happy time together not knowing it’s their last.

Bong Hee ya, this is a video.

They conclude with a sweet ice cream. Ji Wook senses something wrong.

“What are you trying to do now?”

Ji Wook grabs her hand tightly.

Bong Hee tenders her resignation.

“I thought long and hard to give you this.”

“You worried unnecessarily all this while.”

“I was hoping you would keep work and personal matters separate. Were my expectations too high?”

“Eun Bong Hee sshi, do you treat your work as a joke? Do not think lightly of your seat there as an attorney. Do not abandon those who trusted you so easily.”

Bong Hee says she cannot pretend like nothing has happened.

“That’s my problem. I’ll let you go on leave. Please think through rationally while you are resting. This is the best concession I can give you.”

Ji Wook runs to Bong Hee when he hears that she has been warded.

“I wish this isn’t a dream…”

“Yes, this isn’t a dream.”

We wish this wasn’t a drama.

The young witness to a murder is afraid of being alone and enters Ji Wook’s room.

Ji Wook tries to enjoy morning tea the next day.

Touched by Ji Wook’s sincerity, the boy agrees to testify.

Bonus stills:

Ji Wook’s look of worry

Eun Hyuk is immersed in acting drunk.

Is Ji Wook really not drunk? He keeps smiling like he’s drunk.

Ji Wook is drunk. Shall we get drunk in his gaze?

Healthy guy exercises even while on standby. He’s reading the instructions.

One, two. One, two. He works hard even on standby.


Credit: SBS PD Note Naver blog



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  1. this is why i could never be an actress at his side. i would not be able to keep my wishes (fantasies) and reality separate. i would grab his hand and kiss him non stop!

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