[Weibo Update] 10 July 2017

xiexie niman [爱你]  wanan [睡] ​​​​

Thank you all [爱你]  good night [睡][睡] ​​​​

*A food truck was provided by one of Wook’s Chinese fan clubs today

Weibo post #2:
niman(x) [委屈]nimen…[委屈][委屈][委屈][委屈][委屈][委屈][泪][泪][泪][泪][泪][泪][泪][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][挖鼻][悲伤][悲伤][悲伤][悲伤] ​​​​

*He is correcting the mistake he made in his earlier post where he wrote “niman” instead of “nimen (you all)”.


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