[Drama] Showing the “fan love” for Ji Chang Wook

There was a lot of fan support provided for Ji Chang Wook on the “Suspicious Partner” set over the past few months.  Glorious Entertainment has memorialised Wook’s journey through his filming with all of the ‘fan love’ shown towards him in their latest pictorial!

Cherry blossoms fall
After autumn
With the snow

PART 1: Fan love to remember forever

This “Suspicious Partner” shooting scene
For all the shooting staff including actors
Rice, snacks, coffee, tea, etc. ♥
I was cheered by many people.

Looking at all angles, learn how to have the fan love on the phone!

Full of letters.

To write a letter is not enough.

Along with Squirtle, Selca Time!

While filming action scenes, our Actor ran towards us.
“Say hello to those who came here!”

And so, with a healing smile.

Looking around, looking around.

With eyes for the fans’ hearts.

Our Actor Ji.  Can you see his heart smiling?

Our Actor Ji is filming hard!

Busy shooting, through SNS like this, thanks you very much!

“Suspicious Partner” Actors + Staff = fans’ affectionate love in support.  Ji Chang Wook’s fan love has no end.

PART 2:  SNS Communications

I also like Chinese fans.  We are communicating closely!
It’s not perfect Chinese, trying to communicate
The heart of our actor ♡

PART 3:  Ji Chang Wook is the actor who repays with the best performance!

Break time. Checking scenes through the camera lens.

Our Actor Ji Cuteness Collection!

The wayward smile is beautiful.

A beautiful sweet smile with unbeatable charm!

It’s our last week of broadcast.  Join us on 12 July for “Suspicious Partner Day.”  ♡

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment Naver Blog

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  1. Thank you JCWKitchen for all these beautiful wonderful gorgeous memorable pics of JCW. But why do I get the feeling like this is the “last supper”? I know there has been no mention of a date for JCW’s entry into the army but I get the feeling that it may happen right after his last concert? Have you guys gotten any news re his enlistment? I’m really dreading not having any JCW news or pics for the next 2 years!

  2. It is so heartfelt to see that JCW acknowledged his Fans’ Love worldwide. Thank you Day Rock for giving the International fans an opportunity to contribute to the special events for JCW. Thank you JCW Kitchen for everything!!!

  3. lots of great memories through those photos! he leaves a lasting impression in my heart through his works and his smiles!

  4. What a wonderful way to start my day! This is the best batch of photos yet! Thank you. I wish I could print it for my bedroom wall…

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