[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook to enlist in the military on 14 August 2017

According to the press release sent out by Glorious Entertainment earlier today (12 July), Ji Chang Wook has received his formal enlistment notice and will be reporting on 14 August 2017 to begin his military service.

Ji Chang Wook will be enlisting as an active-duty soldier (as compared to a clerical soldier), and begin his basic training at the 3rd Division Army Training Centre in Cheorwon County, Gangwon Province.  After completing his basic training, Wook will be officially assigned to a post to fulfill the rest of his 21-month mandatory service with the Infantry Unit, with an anticipated discharge date sometime in late May of 2019.

Through his agency, Ji Chang Wook asks for our support and encouragement so that he can return more mature and at a deeper level after his discharge.   Although we knew this day would eventually arrive sooner than later, it still leaves us with heavy hearts.  We here at Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen can only request that Wook stay safe, stay strong, and come back as quickly as possible to our lives… and our small screens.  Good luck, Actor Ji! 💕

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment

23 thoughts on “[Breaking] Ji Chang Wook to enlist in the military on 14 August 2017

  1. I will surely miss you wookie… always stay safe and strong! Godbless you always! Fighting!

  2. the date is decided. the day is coming. please come back safe and sound. going to miss you. suspicious partner is endin on Thursday and you going on 14 aug, only 30 days.

    i have been saving Empress ki, warrior baek dong soo for this.

    what does active duty mean? any idea,which force is he going to join?

    • As our post stated, Wook is joining the Army. After he finishes his one month of basic training, he will be stationed at a yet-to-be-named command post where he will further train for combat situations with the Infantry.

      • yeah it is mentioned. i only read the date and mind went blank. sorry should have read first. i was hoping he joins air force, suits him more.
        will this site be updated when he is on leave or when he finishes his training? will we not know anything about him for two years.

      • But if Wook joined the Air Force, he would be away for a longer period of time (24 months as compared to 21 months in the Army). And don’t worry; we have no plans on shutting down while Wook is away serving his country. Stay tuned! 🙂

  3. How can someone handle this ? I can only think that our little prince will be back as a compleat young man !!!! I’ ll pray for him to stay healthy and safe these 2 years !!!!

    • Being on any type of social media is not allowed whilst on active duty; recruits and active duty soldiers are not even allowed to have handphones. He may be able to update once or twice while on personal leave, but it will not be as often as before he enlisted.

  4. so frustrating!! ;-( this is really a sad news it makes me sick 😦 to my wookie oppa please stay safe and healthy.eat well and please be careful always.we,your fans are definitely waiting here for you.Good Luck Oppa and fighting!!!!

  5. I will surely miss you my prince, 2 years is a long time..:'(:'(:'( .. Promise to be safe always.. All the best of luck on doing your military duties.. We will wait for you no matter what. 😍:).. Gamsahamnida for making your drama suspicious partner as your last project for the time being, all of your dramas,movies ,films and projects are truly amazing😍:mrgreen:.. I’m your big fan. Saranghaeyo oppa. ❤💕💕sending you all my love from the Philippines .. Keep shinning my wookie.. Fighting !!!!
    _Love jean

  6. Hi JCWKitchen..you guys must’ve read my mind! I just posted a question re JCW’s enlistment date this morning and here it is! August 14 is just round the corner! Stay strong JCW! We all love you and we will wait for you to come back stronger than ever! Stay safe!

  7. We will miss him. I hope drama ‘Mr Right ‘ will be realeased after he joined the military. 21 months will pass by quick . May 2019 will come very soon . We won’t forget you, Wookie!

  8. Gasp…breathe. My heart stopped for a moment. Got to think positively…be strong for him. Here are some wishes for Wookie and his family. Stay healthy and well…many love you and await your return…make friends and enjoy your continued journey of life. I will track your RETURN on my 21 month calendar I ordered. Thank you for all the wonderful memories which I can watch while you are gone. ♡♡♡

  9. yes please have a great army life and come back safe and sound and ready to rock the drama scene again. we will wait for you!

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