[Drama] Why we cannot wait for more episodes of “Suspicious Partner”

The SBS PD Notes Blog returns with a recap of last week’s episodes.  Two children, Jae Hong and Ji Wook, both witnesses to murder.   Their pasts overlap.  Ji Wook has questions about the fire and must be absolutely sure of his recollection!

Even if Hyun Soo saw Ji Wook, the look on Hyun Soo’s face was one of non-recognition.

Weird… Ji Wook wonders why Hyun Soo pretends not to know him.

Is he putting on an act?

Ji Wook asks Hyun Soo for a meeting.

Suspicious Hyun Soo, who lost his memory, is more confused by the appearance of Ji Wook.

Even if you lose your memory, the nature of Jung Hyun Soo is still the same Jung Hyun Soo.

Two people who have not drank alone for a long time.  The chapter of reconciliation at last?

Eun Hyuk is worried about his boss.  What the hell happened between you two? Do not break up with Eun Bong Hee.

If I tell you, it will lighten my heart … The arsonist in my nightmare.  He is Eun Bong Hee’s father.

Ji Wook concludes that Eun Hyuk needs to mind his own business!

And I do not care about you and Yoo Jung.  Ji Wook lets everything go with one final gulp.

Suspecting something, Ji Wook returned to the hospital and noticed Hyun Soo escaping on an escalator!

Ji Wook missed Hyun Soo, and Yoo Jung is on the way to the emergency room!

Ji Wook relays the news to Eun Hyuk.

Yoo Jung-ah, why do you not open your eyes?!?

It’s just a mild concussion.  Why are you acting like this?

Bonghee-ya!  Are you okay?  The definition of Noh Ji Wook that appeared!

In order to protect Bong Hee, Ji Wook turns into the Black Knight.

Stabbed by a knife, bleeding from the abdomen…

Lawyer Noh… blood!  Bong Hee freezes in surprise.

As he was transferred to the hospital, his childhood memories came rushing back.

Who are you?  Amnesia too?!?

Ha ha ha ha ha.  Even in this situation, there is no humour.

Why are you here? Are not you going to school?  “There is no school on Saturday.”

Jae Hong is worried about Mr. Ji Wook.

Walk slowly!  It hurts!

Behind-scene:  Two friends holding hands!

I don’t like porridge (although it tastes delicious…)

I will do it for you!

If you continue, I won’t be able to endure it…

Ji Wook wants to reveal the facts about Bong Hee’s father’s fire case.

Your father… he was not an arson killer.  Rather than save me … I lost my parents …

Because of me… I… testified wrongly.

Bonus Photo:

This past 5 July
Actor Ji Chang Wook’s birthday!
In celebration with his fans and staff
Actor Ji makes a happy smile!

Credit:  SBS PD Notes Naver Blog

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