[Event/Drama] Ji Chang Wook attends Suspicious Partner wrap-up party

It’s a wrap! Filming for “Suspicious Partner” has come to an end and Ji Chang Wook made sure to attend the wrap-up party of his final drama before his military enlistment.

A few hours before the airing of the final episode, Ji Chang Wook and the rest of the cast gathered at a restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul, for the wrap-up party. Chances are that they’ll probably be watching the last episode together while grilling meat and toasting with glasses of soju.

He also had a chat with fans through a V-live broadcast that was filmed while on the way to the restaurant. Watch it with English subtitles here.

And let us take a moment to appreciate this lovely encounter between two puppies!

Here are the rest of the press photos taken before he entered the building.


Credit: As watermarked

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