[Video] Ji Chang Wook shares his thoughts on “Suspicious Partner”

Glorious Entertainment shares their video of Ji Chang Wook relaying his thoughts about his drama “Suspicious Partner” coming to an end.  Let’s take a look!

In the video, he talks about his feelings now that “Suspicious Partner” has ended and expresses his heartfelt gratitude. He also leaves what would probably be the first of several goodbye messages before he leaves for the army.*Sobs*

Watch the video with English subtitles here. Click on CC for English subtitles.


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Credit:  Glorious Entertainment You Tube

2 thoughts on “[Video] Ji Chang Wook shares his thoughts on “Suspicious Partner”

  1. I second that thank you! I’m going to miss him, I’m just happy you all do what you do for him and for us the fans. Thank you again for the subs.

  2. thank you so much for this with subs! we have to watch every thing we can about him before next month.

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