[News] Ji Chang Wook is first in July drama actor brand reputation ranking

We could get quite used to this! Congratulations to Ji Chang Wook for taking the top spot again in July’s brand reputation rankings for drama actors!

The Korea Business Research Institute conducted an analysis of 100,064,895 pieces of data of 50 actors starring in ongoing dramas between 15 June 2017 and 16 July 2017.  The research looked into aspects such as consumers’ brand participation, media mentions and engagement level.  This was a 20.23% decrease from the 125,441,267 pieces of data analysed in June.

In first place, Ji Chang Wook scored 1,337,084 points for participation, 849,072 for media mentions, 1,217,216 for engagement, 4,243,699 for community engagement, and a total of 7,647,071 points for brand reputation.  Comparing this to June’s brand reputation index of 11,243,884, Wook’s numbers fell by 31.99%, but many other reputation numbers also declined during this reporting period.

In second place is actor Park Seo Joon and in third place is actress Kim Ji Won, both from the KBS drama “Fight My Way” (which also had its finale this week).  Wook’s “Suspicious Partner” co-stars Nam Ji Hyun finished in 8th place and Choi Tae Joon finished in 26th place for this July reporting period.

The report also mentioned Ji Chang Wook’s brand is strong “not only for dramas but also as a musical actor, and he is expanding his acting area by going through various stages while building a strong female fan community.”

Credit:  OSEN

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