[Drama] Ro-co King Ji Chang Wook, “Every moment with Ji Chang Wook was happy”

Glorious Entertainment presents the last behind-the-scenes photos for “Suspicious Partner” and says goodbye to Noh Ji Wook.

You gave me romance.  Thanks to you, I spent happy nights.

Prosecutor Noh Ji Wook and Attorney Eun Bong Hee.  Face to face again.

The promise to be together for life.  So… with a deep heart, the end.

In the meantime, Noh Ji Wook by Ji Chang Wook.  “Suspicious Partner.”  Thank you for watching.

Nice behind-scenes, our photographer will do it right!

Oops.  This is serious.  Even through the screen, I feel it. Our Actor Ji has become more handsome.

A real actor who gave a detailed portrayal of a more matured Prosecutor Noh. He is that kind of actor who did his best until the end.

Such an actor!  This is our Actor Ji.

Thoroughly checking right down to the reactions. Detailed, Ji Chang Wook.

Prosecutor Noh is love, numbers 1 through 6.


To the end, eye contact with our Actor Ji.

Moments of joy.  I am happy all over.

Ji Chang Wook and his suits.

Probably will not be able to forget Prosecutor Noh re-entering the courtroom.

And…The Atmosphere Maker and Vitamin Ji Wook who always makes the set bright.

He gives such a lovely smile even after filming has ended.

This is not a commercial spot.  Our Actor Ji’s skin shining.

Our Actor Ji who worked hard with his even deeper gaze and deeper emotional acting right till the end.  You really really worked hard, Actor Ji Chang Wook.

*clap clap clap clap clap*

Thank you for your hard work.  *pat pat*

Even here, thank you for your hard work. Our courteous Actor Ji.

Gives a bright smile towards the camera.  Ji Chang Wook is always Vitamin Ji Wook!

This scene is also finished.

In place of his gratefulness to everyone and his sadness, our Actor Ji gives a bright smile.

With all the staffs together, selca taking!

That’s it!  You have worked hard!  Our team also worked hard!

But he cannot conceal his regrets in the “Suspicious Partner” closing message video that was released the next day.

So like him who loves his fans so much.

For a long time, he wasn’t able to leave his position.

A photo with a nice smile!

Here also!

And over there!

Gently to the right…

To the front!

After greeting, our Actor Ji continues with a surprise VLive broadcast even inside the restaurant.

The person who worked hard carrying the selca stick around. That’s him.

In case you missed the VLive broadcast, here it is again (with limited English subs):


In the meantime, our Actor Ji, “Suspicious Partner” and Glorious Entertainment thanks you for your attention and lots of love!

Credit:  Glorious Entertainment Naver Blog

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  1. Thank you JiChangWook Kitchen…news and updates about JCW means a lot to his fans/ to me. Please keep us posted. 😚😋❤

  2. Huhu..I’m afraid to count the remaining days of his enlistment..😟:|😭😭😭:'(:'(:'( don’t know how to live my days and months…JCW is already part of my days and nights..😣😣😣😣

  3. Thanks to Cherkell and Gabby for all your hard work! You guys are AWESOME!
    I thoroughly enjoyed JCW’s performance in “Suspicious Partner!”
    He was absolutely fantastic and superb portraying prosecutor/counselor/lover Noh Ji Wook ~ ❤
    Wishing him all the best while he is in the military service and comes back safely to us soon!
    So long, lovely JCW ~ ❤

  4. Everybody in JCW’s Kitchen, you all have done such an awesome job covering JCW’s ins and outs. I’m just amazed at the speed you could pull the pictures and news out with his updates. What do we do without you all and this site! We definitely will miss JCW when he’s in the military. Hopefully you will be able to get the glimpse of him whenever he comes out for “vacations”. Can’t wait for the two years to be over and he’ll be back with us again.

    You guys have done great and deserve a huge pat on the back for the job way beyond well done!!!!! Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!!!

    JCW fan from Canada 🙂

  5. Thank you for all your posts and updates…. Hope you will continue to give us more posts and updates about our beloved JCW even though JCW will be in the military.
    Wishing our JCW good health and the best of everything when he will serve the military.
    Again, thank you JCW Kitchen and good luck and God bless you!

  6. Thank you so much Gabby and Cherkell of JCW’s Kitchen up to date and info.Glad I could learn much more about Ji Chang Wook and I could feel his great attitude…
    Even though I was far away and would never meet him in person I am proud to be his fans..
    Seeing his picture like seeing him alive..

  7. those photos are like i feel in my heart. capture that smile! get us thru the next months of no ji wook. so reluctant to let go. i so appreciate all your wonderful updates of CJW also. we will be waiting for his return and wishing him a good stint in the army. thank you for all you do!

  8. Thanks very much Gabby and Cherkell of JCW;’s Kitchen for your hard work and frequent updates. It’s been great reading you. I guess it’s going to be a bit tougher to gather material to post with JCW going into military service, but we’ll faithfully wait with you and read whatever you post. Take care!

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