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11 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 20 July 2017

  1. wow,,,,deabak!!!!! jcw look so so so cool & very very very handsome & so fresh…. could not get my eyes off the images…haaayyy….

  2. JCW is always handsome, keep it up Wookie. Thanks again JWC kitchen soo happy to receive an updates re: my fav Oppa. Appreciate it soo much. 💋❤

  3. I’m always the odd man out because I have weird questions:
    Are those his hands on the keyboard or is he the one taking the picture?
    Is that him in the striped shirt behind the monitor or someone else?

    He, of course, looks good in the clothes, especially those form fitting jeans!

  4. Thank you JCW Kitchen form the updates… Congratulations Wookie for another endorsement… Gonna miss you a lot!

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