[Drama] Final set of stills from Suspicious Partner

“Suspicious Partner” has come to an end, so we present the very last set of stills from SBS PD Note before we bid goodbye to Noh Ji Wook. 

Ji Wook gets reinstated as a prosecutor.

He receives an urgent call from Yoo Jung about the suspect’s disappearance.

They discover the suspects.

Ji Wook finally reconciles with Bong Hee and things are returned to their proper place.

The first visitor to Prosecutor Noh’s office has arrived.

Hint: It’s a person who can make him smile so warmly.

Ji Wook discovers a shocking truth while reading the case report handed over by Bong Hee.

Ji Wook charges Jung Hyun Soo for rape. Why is that so?

Hyun Soo’s name was written in a statement obtained from the detective in charge of the case.

Hyun Soo trembles as his appears as one of the seven culprits in the statement.

Now a prosecutor, Ji Wook finally catches Hyun Soo whom he had released when he was a lawyer.

Ji Wook comes to Ji Hye house to look for Bong Hee.

You are dirty but pretty! So please come out quickly!

I called every weekend. Were you avoiding me on purpose?

Bong Hee says she was scared of being with him. He doesn’t care for that and says he is more afraid of breaking up.

This is pretty! Shy shy.

Bong Hee suggests they have a drink. Ji Wook is more than happy to do so. A happy couple is reborn again.

Gasps what happened? You don’t remember?

Bong Hee asks if anything happened between them last night. I’m not a saint…

A beautiful couple who can now overcome any obstacles.

One year later, Prosecutor Noh Ji Wook still has a close call every time he meets lawyer Bong Hee in court.

Ji Wook sets the mood during a date with Bong Hee at night. Bong Hee ya, I love you.

Ji Wook confesses as he puts a ring on her. “I will love you forever.”

Bong Hee responses with a kiss. “My answer is a yes, I will love you forever too.”

How fortunate it was to have met you.

Bonus cuts:

Ji Wook in a bad mood

Ji Wook can be seen on the screen.

Bong Hee catches his mood. He lets out a smile. What is this….

He blows out the candles. Everyone in the office congratulates him.

Ji Wook finds the mini fan insufficient on a hot day.

A small one is inadequate! He uses a large fan for himself. Hyun Soo looks like he is demanding Ji Wook to share the fan. (They are just rehearsing their lines in reality)

He is one with the fan. A fan is also necessary during monitoring!

A thank-you message from the cast: “It’s both sad and a relief after spending 4 months with Ji Wook. I hope you will continue to remain healthy and happy until I meet you again with a good project. Thank you!”

The team of “Suspicious Partner” would like to thank everyone for your support!

The end.

Credit: SBS PD Note



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  1. these have been really neat replays of the episodes! i am just not ready to let go of this drama and really of ji chang wook. he has been such a bright ray of sunshine in our lives.i am hoping for a fast army stint that is challenging yet enjoyable for JCW and that he will come back into our lives ready to wow us some more with his acting and just being him. think i might have to marathon this drama and get a big dose of him before he has to leave.the best of lluck to you JCW and we will be waiting for your return!!! saranghae~
    i will hope to have updates from the kitchen!!!

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