[Eng Sub] 20170723 Section TV – King of Romantic Comedy Ji Chang Wook

On Sunday, Ji Chang Wook made an appearance on Section TV as the newly crowned King of Romantic Comedy!

Interviewed by the always hyperactive emcee Kim Seulgi, Ji Chang Wook made what would probably be his final appearance on Section TV before he goes to the army. They discuss the trending hashtags that are currently associated with him following the conclusion of his popular drama “Suspicious Partner”, and he gets briefly stunned when Seulgi gets too close to him for comfort. That’s one sneaky product placement right there!

We all know his Ji-Geu-Dok dance has been performed to death, so Seulgi suggested another dance for him, and it’s none other than Twice’s “TT”! For those who are unaware, this is a very popular song and the word “TT” is the Korean emoticon for a crying face.

Lastly, he also talks about his impending military enlistment and leaves a goodbye message for viewers. 😦

Watch his segment with English subtitles on MBC’s official YouTube channel:

Click on CC for subtitles. English subtitles contributed by Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen.

Part 1

Part 2

The officially uploaded videos have a few seconds missing. You can watch the full version with English subtitles here:

Click on CC for subtitles.

Subbed by Ji Chang Wook’s Kitchen. PLEASE DO NOT REPRINT, REPURPOSE, SCREENCAP OR OTHERWISE COPY OUR CONTENT WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION. These videos were uploaded for the sole purpose of providing English subtitles to international fans. No copyright infringement intended.


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13 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 20170723 Section TV – King of Romantic Comedy Ji Chang Wook

  1. thank you a million times for this video subbed! you keep giving us one more dose of chang wook and i keep loving it! he is just so adorable and squishy and sexy and handsome and…..shall i go on?

  2. Loved this clip. Thank you so much for sharing. We will miss you Wookie, but rest assured we’ll be RIGHT HERE waiting for you…*hugs*

  3. Thank you so much for this subbed video clip JCWKitchen. JCW’s funny and charming and his honesty just makes me laugh. Will really miss this man when he leaves for the army. I wonder if his Korean fans will see JCW off on the day of his departure. It would be so sad for him though..

  4. Hi dear…

    I want to ask permission to translate this video into Indonesian languange. For fans ji chang wook in Indonesia easier to understand.

    Thanks for the permission

    Admin Ji Chang Wook Indonesia

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