[Eng Sub] 20170725 Night of Real Entertainment – Date With Ji Chang Wook

Ji Chang Wook is keeping himself (and us) busy by making so many appearances before he leaves for the army. He showed up on “Night of Real Entertainment” again barely a month after his previous one that was filmed when “Suspicious Partner” was still airing. 

This time, he talks about his new “King of Romantic Comedy” status, his plans before enlistment, and a favourite topic that we haven’t heard for quite a while — food. He proves that he is capable of charming women with just a milkshake. Cue Milkshake song: “My milkshake brings all the girls to the yard…” 😛

Watch it with English subtitles here:

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16 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] 20170725 Night of Real Entertainment – Date With Ji Chang Wook

  1. Well …It’s seem Ji Chang Wook has really prepared himself to the army..
    Even though feelling sad to be apart.and not seeing any of his drama for those years…I think I should be more positive about this..
    JI Chang Wook. Good luck and make sure you come back and keep your promise to stay healthy….Bye2 …

  2. Thank you for sharing this guys☺☺😍😍…i dnt know what to say..thinking about his enlistment making me sick..But i respect their love and dedication towards their country..i slaute them!!🙏🙏🙏..but also will miss him badly😭😭😭…Will wait for you Wookie..Take care..Be safe and healthy..Hav great time in military..Love you sooomuchh❤❤❤❤

  3. Hi dear…

    I want to ask permission to translate this video into Indonesian languange. For fans ji chang wook in Indonesia easier to understand.

    Thanks for the permission

    Admin Ji Chang Wook Indonesia

  4. It’s deeply annoying to let him go….and its really hurt our feeling as his fans…..
    Trying to overcome this feeling and hope that JCW will keep his promise to stay healthy and come back to us….The K Drama will be so different without him…especially when we are longing to see him in acting…
    Nobody can take his place …becsuse he always give the best…

  5. Thank you so much for subbing and uploading this. We will all patiently wait for JCW to return to us with more drama and performances

  6. I know the feeling when the MC said that when JCW looked at you..you really cant help falling for him! ..happend to me the 2nd time I met him during his Hongkong Fan meeting last April 9( high-five portion..but i didn’t just high-up..i interlocked my hands through his that’s why he laughed and I’m overjoyed)!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😃😃😃

  7. Made me tear up! Just the thought of not seeing him for 1year and 9months makes me really sad! Huhuhuhuhu. Please stay healthy and safe in your military service oppa! I cannot wait for you return. Fighting! 😣😤😣😁😁😁😭😭😭❤❤

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