[Event] An emotional 180 minutes – Ji Chang Wook staged a final concert for fans before enlistment

Ji Chang Wook staged his final fan meeting before his enlistment and spent a meaningful time with fans.

Ji Chang Wook held his 10th debut anniversary concert “A Film by Ji Chang Wook History Concert – Jiscovery” at the Olympic Park in Seoul on 22 July. A total of 6,000 fans attended his 2pm and 7pm shows.

With this being the last chance for fans to meet him before his enlistment, fans from various countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore gathered at the venue since morning to see him.

He opened the show singing his song “Kissing You” as he made his appearance among the audience on the second floor, then proceeded to sing his rendition of Jay Chou’s “Starry Night”, showing off his singing skills right from the start.

From his debut movie “Sleeping Beauty” till his recent drama “Suspicious Partner”, he looked back on his works over the past 10 years and shared some behind-the-scenes stories with fans.

From the time of his debut days at 21 years old, he took a fun journey back in time revisiting videos and photos from his various movies, dramas and musicals, and also readily re-enacted memorable scenes and lines on the spot based on fans’ requests.

After talking about his musicals, he sang musical numbers such as “Nothing Like a Fire” from “Thrill Me” and Kim Gwang Seok’s “A Lonely Night” and “Even Though I Loved You” from “The Days”, demonstrating his vocal abilities and stage presence.

He also gave a live performance of his song “100 Reasons Why I Like You” from the “Suspicious Partner” OST for the first time. Fans selected his role in “Suspicious Partner” as his best character and acted out a scene from the drama with a fan on stage. When asked whether he would choose to act in an action show or romantic comedy again, he said with a laugh, “My constitution is more cut out for romance. Although I do wish to do action again too, I want to do romance-centric projects after I’m discharged from the army.”

With the first segment being about the “actor Ji Chang Wook”, the second segment was about “Ji Chang Wook the man and human”. Ji Chang Wook gamely answered all the questions posed by his fans and even gave an impromptu performance of his Ji Geu Dok dance. He also interacted with fans at close range.

A never-before-seen special video of Ji Chang Wook in his youth was also unveiled at the concert and drew a warm response. From the neighbourhood he used to live in to his school, the alley where he used to play with friends, his mother’s former workplace and his own secret hiding place were revealed in the video as he shared his own personal stories with the audience.

He also performed his favourite songs such as Wheesung’s “Insomnia”, Kim Dong Ryul’s “Drunken Confession (취중진담)”, Jung Joon Il’s “Confession (고백)”, Lee Juck’s “Without You (네가 없는)” and “Run Across the Sky (하늘을 달리다)” as a complete gift set for his fans at the concert.

Towards the end of the concert, he read out handwritten letters that he had prepared for his fans before getting off the stage, which made the moment even more touching. Ji Chang Wook read out his genuine thoughts that he penned on a letter for his fans, “I feel like I’ve looked back on my past 10 years while preparing for the concert. Those 10 years were a new challenge to me, I only seemed to look in front and ran ahead with all my might. During this journey, I laughed and also cried because of loneliness. I got to meet many seniors and juniors through various projects through various projects and also made many good projects of life, moreover, this was also a time where I received overwhelming love from fans. I always doubt and wonder whether I am a person who has the right to receive so much love. It is all thanks to everyone that we are able to be together right now in this place. That’s why I was able to continue running without giving up.”

He continued, “Words of thanks are not enough, I will truly miss everyone a lot. I will work hard to be a person that everyone can be proud of. I will go and return bravely and healthily. I hope all of you will also stay healthy. Let’s meet again with smiles in 2019.”

Following that, Ji Chang Wook sang 2Bic’s “Bye Bye Bye (안녕 안녕 안녕)” with utmost sincerity and gave his closing speech. For his fans who were sad to part with him, he also performed his song “I Will Protect You” from the OST of his drama “Healer” and gave his best effort to give a touching performance as an unforgettable memory for his fans.

In particular, photography and filming was allowed at the concert to allow fans to remember this day. Fans were deeply moved by his performance and were unable to leave their seats even after the concert ended as they held onto placards with words of support such as “10 years together, forever together” and “We will wait, Ji Chang Wook” written on them.

Note: This is just a rough Korean-English translation of a news report about his concert. Please wait for a proper fan account from cherkell to follow shortly!

Source: SBS Fun E

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  1. I am sure every fan is very proud of JCW for being so talented and yet so human. Wonder if there will be an official video for this memorable concert for us to see him, to remember him and to be with him always.

  2. Thanku soooo much for this translation and pictures!!!
    Just reading your words about his concern made me cry.
    He is such a precious and humble person.no one on planet earth can match him. No one!!
    I will pray for his good health after military service.
    He will be missed so much.
    Be healthy and handsome wookie.

  3. Thanks for sharing this precious Wookie moments with us😍😍☺☺… lucky those all who attended his concert before his enlistment..all i can say is Will wait for you Wookie..Stay healthy..stay strong..Sarangaheyo jeongmal❤❤❤❤❤❤..Take care..

  4. I like JCW as an actor seeing him and not meeting him personally I think he’s mom raise him well. Such a humble person.. keep safe and be back healthy JCW..

  5. Thank you for uploading JCW’s Fam Consort in Seoul! ^^
    Just watching him sharing his past 10 years of career with the fans was the very touching and impressive moments. I felt that I was there.
    He has a good head on his shoulder and positive mindset, so I believe that he’ll do great in MS! ^^
    Wishing him the meaningful and healthy military service and I am looking forward to seeing a new matured and handsome, JCW!
    He is the best ~ ❤

  6. that would have been an unforgettable experience with him. i think i would have been crying too much to see him though.hearing andseeing photos are the best for my heart. looking so forward to his return with a grateful heart to know about him and experience his awesome sweet self through interviews and photos and articles about him. i love this man without even meeting him. i love his mom too for raising him to be such a neat person.

  7. Thank you for this post Gabby. The concert sounds both sad and wonderful at the same time. Just reading your words made my heart ache. It’s goodbye to JCW for 2 years! Although it’s not like JCW’s leaving the entertainment world forever..2 years is still a long time to be without JCW. I pray that JCW will return to us in one healthy piece! Take care JCW!

  8. The account of the concert made me cry…I can but imagine if I had been at the concert. JCW has worked his heart out for his fans…just love and respect him to pieces. His mom should be so proud of him…what a special human being! I have heard so many celebrities say that their lives have been “lonely”… I feel for their sacrifice. I hope when JCW returns, fans will continue to support him as he continues to find happiness and family.

  9. Amazing photos, thank you for sharing. Did you girls actually make it out for the concert? Was it awesome in person? I tried to get tickets, and would have gone, but everything was sold out in a matter of minutes.

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