[CF] Ji Chang Wook gets timely for Fossil via 1st Look magazine

As we previously mentioned back in July, Ji Chang Wook was chosen as the Asian model for the international fashion brand Fossil.  Wook will be showing off his new endorsement via a photoshoot for 1st Look magazine, and this will be his last CF campaign before his enlistment on 14 August.  1st Look was so kind to share a few teaser videos in advance, so let’s take a look!

Here we see Ji Chang Wook showing off some of the features from the soon-to-be released Q Explorist touch-screen smart watch:

And here we get a short video of him describing the Q Explorist watch and his 1st Look photoshoot:

Hello readers of 1st Look magazine, I am actor Ji Chang Wook.

In this issue, I am having a photo shoot with Fossil smart watch.

See you in the 1st Look pictorial on 7 September.

The 1st Look Issue No. 141 featuring Ji Chang Wook on the cover (and additional Fossil photos with co-endorser actress Song Ji Hyo) will go on sale 7 September 2017 through the usual Korean physical and online bookstores.  The marketing campaign will also commence from early September in Korea as well as six other unnamed countries around Asia.

Credit:  1st Look Official Instagram


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  1. At the risk of sounding like a broken record.. OMG! That is truly one gorgeous pic of our lovely JCW! I want a watch like the one he’s wearing!! 😆

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