[Instagram/Weibo Update] 11 August 2017

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#24miracle #지창욱 #내일 #머리자름 #두둥 #기대

#24miracle #Ji Chang Wook #tomorrow #cut hair #ta da #anticipate

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wo de mama

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15 thoughts on “[Instagram/Weibo Update] 11 August 2017

  1. Are his Insta and weibo accounts connected? Because in my country Weibo isn’t access-able… Just wanna know whether both accounts have same posts or what?😊

    • It is quite unlikely that his accounts are connected because he doesn’t always post the same thing on Instagram and Weibo. He may upload the same photos or videos but he usually types in hanyu pinyin on Weibo.

  2. His picture with his eomma is probably the sweetest and loveliest picture i have ever seen. The way he securely holds his mother’s hands in his, says that he is her protector. It reminds me of Jesus and Mary. The undeniable love of a mother for the son, and the son towards his mother. No wonder JCW is so blessed…

  3. …looking at them, sadness strike. Really so hard for a mom to be apart to her son. I can feel that…i just hope and pray that Wookie’s Mom will be allowed to visit him frequently when needed. Praying that mother and son will be strong, in good health and safe. May GOD bless and guide you thru all the way on your new journey JCW! Good luck! Proud of you JCW! Think positive…fighting! Smile again DongHae! Cheers!

    • Does anyone know how often he can get visitors? I remember reading an article that the S.K. military was having problems with moms calling too often and giving advice about how their baby boys should be treated. *that is soooo me, but I always tamped it down so as not to embarrass my son*

      His mom doesn’t seem overly clingy since he lives alone. (right? ) I just remember how a lot of the older Hallyu stars were still living with their mothers past 40. (no judgment here cause 1) it’s a different culture; and 2) I think it’s nice). It reminds of America up until the late 50’s when mom and dad lived with the son or daughter and even once they married and then became grandma and grandpa. Built in trustworthy babysitters! Plus, it meant kids grew up appreciating old people for their wisdom and understanding their needs. Sorry, I’m on this kick of a rant right now and seeing how young people around me just stand and look as I was juggling stuff the cashier gave me and I dropped my cane and the handle of the cane knocked the tip jar off the counter on its way down. (M.S. so I don’t always need a cane and on my good days, I still assist old (older than me) people with doors or if they drop something. ) I just can’t believe the “it’s-all- about -me generation. I think that’s why I’m so attracted to Kdramas. The Korean culture still teaches it’s more attractive to put others first.

  4. I love the mom & son photo. It’s so sweet, and they look so happy together as they lock fingers. She must be proud to have a son like him!

  5. That was an awesome video, but what type of product is Miracle 24?

    (He looks so sexy that I’m embarrassed at what I thought it was.) 😶

      • Thanks, Robin. At the end of the video, the pouches were so tiny that I thought they were selling condoms.Then I thought 1) this is a television ad for S. Korea and 2) that’s just where your mind was drifting after that sexy video.

        Wookie certainly knows how to work the camera. It felt like he was actually looking at me and motioning for me to come in and join him!

  6. Trying to keep the tears from flowing…his mom…the love of his life. Guess what picture will be in his locker…such a special man! Mom and son are gorgeous! Miracle 24 video showcases his dreamy image.

  7. What a great mother and son picture! Definitely my favorite pic to date! Love how JCW linked his hands with his mum’s. Ever ever sooo sweet!

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