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8 thoughts on “[Instagram Update] 12 August 2017

  1. As his fan, I feel privileged to share such personal moments with him. He has been so generous with glimpses of his private life…his mom, childhood and raw moments like this. Good luck JCW! We’ll be here when you return!

  2. oh i can’t get the video to play but maybe it is for the best~~although he will look just as handsome with no hair—cause it can’t hide those charismatic eyes or smile!

  3. Thanks for sharing this video☺☺😍😍..Finally the Day came..He is sending goodbye messages to his fans, his friends and to everyone around him..Seeing this really getting emotional..and his latest pic with his Mother..that was so touched😍😍😍..Take care Wookie..Stay strong..stay healthy..will wait for your comeback after 2 years..Fighting!! Stay blessed..Take care of your Health..Wish to see more strong wookie than now after 2 years..Really Miss you😭😭😭..Saranghaeyo jeongmal❤❤❤..from #India ❤❤❤

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