[News] Ji Chang Wook to enlist quietly


Ji Chang Wook will be enlisting quietly without fanfare on 14 August.

According to Glorious Entertainment, Ji Chang Wook will be enlisting quietly at the Cheorwon training camp without holding any special event.

A spokesman conveyed Ji Chang Wook’s desire to enlist quietly, “We do not plan to hold any official event on the day he enlists. Calling in the press and gathering fans to hold an event is not in line with his personality, so he will be enlisting without much talk.”

With just two days left before his enlistment, Ji Chang Wook has been spending his personal time with his family and friends. The spokesman said, “He has no special schedules before enlistment. After finishing his basic training, he will be deployed to carry out his duties for the nation.”

Ji Chang Wook will be serving in the 3rd Infantry Division of the South Korean Army. Nicknamed “White Skull”, this division is one of the oldest in the army and is notorious for its intensive training. Tasked with guarding the front-line, it was one of the first military divisions to infiltrate the 38th Parallel bordering North and South Korea during the Korean War. Actor Joo Won, who enlisted earlier in May, is also serving in the same base as an instructor.

But do not despair. Even though this means that Ji Chang Wook will be roughing it out as an active combat-ready soldier, we should be proud that he is taking his service seriously and doing his part as a South Korean male citizen. As the Korean War has not officially ended, the country takes military conscription seriously due to the threat of war. Choosing to evade military service can effectively end a celebrity’s career, so while it is sad for us to bid him goodbye, we should not try to hold him back for our own selfish reasons.

Whether intentionally or due to certain circumstances, many other celebrities have received flak for skipping mandatory service or for taking the easy way out by choosing public service (i.e., doing clerical jobs or performing as entertainers for publicity), so if Ji Chang Wook does well, he should be able to earn the respect of citizens and carve a good image for himself.

For fans who were planning to head to the base to send him off, please proceed with caution as there is no guarantee that you will get to see him since he will be enlisting quietly.

Adapted from: Star News

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13 thoughts on “[News] Ji Chang Wook to enlist quietly

  1. I wish & pray that JCW would be able to adjust immediately with the new environment, his surroundings & people around him. hope he will stay healthy all through out the required time of his service. for the meantime i will think of it as his break & will watch his previous dramas, movie, & specially his song compilations until the time he will be back to great us again with his sweet perfect smile. take care of your self JCW & will be praying for you always. 🙂

    • love your thoughts. i agree! he can be away from the celebrity pressures and do his best with his army duties, which he will! this is a mental break for him and a chance to concentrate on other things. sure we will really miss him but he will come back renewed and better than when he left.

  2. As a fan im so so proud of him ..his ready to do anything for his country i just hope the he would be safe and always healhty inside..just take care chang wook were so proud of you

  3. The 101+ reasons i keep falling for him everyday😘😘🎯♥♥

    He is not a show off personality but a true and honest man, a gentleman. I know its long time but it is for his own good. I only want him to be safe and healthy.
    Take care, Oppa♥♥♥♥

    • I love his laugh. It comes from his belly and sounds real. And when he’s laughing, his smile isn’t a practiced toothpaste-top-teeth-only smile. (Thank goodness Oppa has perfect bottom teeth too. :D) He just seems genuine (at least as genuine as a celebrity can be. But there’s something about him that you just know it’s not hard for him to give off a good image because he seems to naturally be that hardworking- stay -out-of- trouble type anyway. He seems like the most trouble he might get in would be for playing innocent pranks.

      Add sexy to that and he’s the whole package.

  4. it will be a good experience for him and will mature him further and serve him well in his life. we don’t want to but we have to be patient and wait for his return! i wish him every blessing while he is gone and hope his mother will be well taken care of also.

  5. Fighting and good luck!! P(^o^)P I wish the best for Ji Chang Wook in his training and serving the country. Hoping everything go smoothly without any incident.

  6. Wow…I really can’t believe that the task Ji Chang Wook will be taking turns to be so hard and dangerous..
    This news make me more nervous and worried than before..
    Dear God …please protect my idol and please make him come back in good health ….
    Proud of you Ji Chang Wook…be brave and strong

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