[Tutorial] Sending letters to Ji Chang Wook in the army

Surely many of us are already missing Ji Chang Wook and wondering how we can communicate with him since he won’t be logging into his social media accounts in the army. Fret not, for you are still able to contact him the traditional way — by writing a letter! 

The South Korean army allows recruits to receive letters from people outside the army. After undergoing intensive training and sweating it out under the sun everyday, a letter is considered the best kind of gift for soldiers!

To send Ji Chang Wook a letter, you can write to the following address:

강원도 철원군 서면 금강로 7628
사서함 107-17-1호 백골신병교육대대 971기
지창욱 훈련병
(우) 24062

This is the address translated in English:

7628 Geumgang-ro, Seo-myeon, Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea 
P.O. Box 107-17-1
Third Infantry Division Recruit Training Institute, batch 971
Recipient: Ji Chang Wook
Postal code 24062

It is best that you write your letter in Korean so that he can read it easily. Imagine having to decipher stacks of letters written in a foreign language after exerting all your strength on training in the day! He may be able to read a bit of Hanyu Pinyin, but not Chinese characters. We cannot ascertain his standard of English, but he is definitely not able to read anything too difficult, so only write in short simple English if you have to.

Please do not make use of Google Translate to translate your letter into Korean because the result is often incomprehensible. You should either get a Korean friend to translate for you, or make use of a proper translation service such as Flitto.  (Please take note that Flitto is a paid service.)

Due to the sheer number of readers we have (and since we are not native Korean speakers), it will not be possible for either of us admins to do translations for you.

Some other points you should take note of:

  1. It is advisable that you write the address in both English and Korean so that your local postman and the Korean postman are able to read it.
  2. This address will only be valid until the end of his basic training, which is 21 September 2017. He may be deployed elsewhere after this date. Please take into account the amount of time your letter will take to reach Korea (currently around 1-2 weeks of transit time) and make sure that your letter reaches there before 21 September.
  3. Please be considerate and do not overwhelm him with too many letters. He may be receiving hundreds of letters from other fans and he may not have time to read every single letter.

Go ahead and pen your words of love and encouragement to Ji Chang Wook!

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28 thoughts on “[Tutorial] Sending letters to Ji Chang Wook in the army

  1. This is so brilliant. Hardcore fangirling it is! Love it. But I wish I’ve read this a lot earlier. I don’t have the time anymore. Plus language would be a problem too. Oh I’m so heartbroken! Hope someone could confirm his level of English literacy. Still hoping he understands. Its an easier route than taking a 6-month Hangeul class.
    P. S which social media site does he often use? Is he really the one using it or someone else is managing it for him?

  2. hello.is there any way i can be assured if my letter reached him or not?Thanks a lot for the instructions by the way.I was going crazy over here…..thinking of how to send letter to oppa….<3

  3. Thank you so much form the address i really want to send a letter to my chang wook oppa bit i don’t know how to because i’m in philippines. Well i guess i have to find a way Anyway. Thanks a lot.
    I miss him badly 😭😭😍😘

  4. Hi ~~
    Do you think that there will be a new address after his Basic Training? Because I really wanted to send him a letter, but there isn’t enough time anymore, I’m from Brazil and the letter will probably take 1 month to get there, unfortunately.
    Do you know if, after he finish all his training, there will be a permanent address where we can send him stuff for the next 1-2 years or as long as he stay there? Thank you ♡

  5. I m madly having crush on ji Chang wook …I watched all his movies and all the TV shows that are available on youtube

  6. Thank you for the tutorial. Many of us were clamoring for the English address so our postal service can understand it. This will definitely help us all.

  7. I think I can try to send him a nice card with some simple words of encouragement. I’m sure he doesn’t have time to read too many words. I guess he can understand some easy English such as ‘ I miss you. Take care. Etc..’ I want him to know that his fans are loyal and always waiting for him to come back. Thanks for the address and instructions!

  8. Thank you for your effort to get the address of Wookie and we also want to write him a letter of encouragement and to stay strong ang healthy,

  9. Thank you for the address. i have thought about sending a fan letter but i do not have the address and another struggle would be to get a Korean friend to write the letter in Hangeul, Korean Alphabet. Good day!

  10. Thanks for the info…
    I believe many of his fans wil try to write to him including me…
    Just trying my luck
    Hope he will cooperate..bless me

  11. JCW kitchen ladies, you are so thoughtful and sweet. For those of us experiencing JCW withdrawal, thanks for the letter option. Kudos on the ‘countdown’ clock, it’s clever but seems to forever linger on 21 months (boo). > <

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